Live chat about esk8

Hi guys, I have created a Slack channel for live chat about esk8 and all things related. If you’re not familiar with Slack, it’s a service where you create channels and chat with fellow members. It’s browser based but it also has apps for Mac/PC/Android/iOS.

You can read more about what Slack is and what features it has here:

To be able to join the Esk8-Slack you need to use this link to create an invite. Then simply follow the instructions in the mail you’ll receive. It takes less than a minute.



i think its a great idea, but imo id prefer to use discord, its free and the same as slack but doesn’t require signup and seems more used around the globe

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Good point. I have never used discord before, but I use slack daily in my field of work and I really like it.

all good, i really hope people start to use this, id love to jump on and chat with other fellow minded people :slight_smile:

I’d use discord as well, it’s just great!

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The discussion is already going so feel free to jump right in :slight_smile:

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Yeah also their voice chat

discord is nice but somewhat heavy on resources, even if it does integrate nicely on mobile. IRC is super super light weight and can run on everything, including a postage stamp practically. in fact i was surprised to see there wasn’t an esk8 IRC

I would have prefered IRC, but it seemed a bit old school and all irc-clients aren’t free. It also takes a bit of learning and it’s harder to share pictures, code snippets etc.

Lol, not to be a downer, but good luck. I tried starting a discord channel a while ago and it flopped hard:


i would also like an irc channel. oldskool, but i think its still the best for chatting

I know man, I’ve been using IRC since mid 90’s and I’m still using it. But it requires a bnc to be able to keep a backlog and you can’t share pictures and videos straight into IRC among other things.

Lol I remember that. Went on for a week and died. @Michaelinvegas had like three accounts :joy:

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bump for more exposure

@evilboarder: I’ve enabled IRC-support for our Slack now :slight_smile: If you register an account via the invitation link in the first post and then go to you will get connection info to be able to connect via any irc client.


bump i feel like some kind of live chat is important for the community but it’s always tough starting from scratch if this thread could get pinned it would be much better off


Slack link invalid?

the link is down!

link should be

I think its invite-only