Loaded Dervish/Dual R-Spec 6355/Dual VESC/Nunchuck/Paris 195/90mm Flywheels

@treenutter No, I don’t have anything like silicone inbetween, it just looks that way in the picture.

I’m using plain rubber bushings with a metal washer in them like these:

Here is a potato-quality close-up of how the box is mounted:

No need to line the interior to prevent shorts, the boxes are plastic. I’ve found a way to avoid having M5 bolt threads protruding into the boxes too. I’ll post pictures of that later, I’m short on time at the moment.


thx @trbt555 I thought that they were metal ha!

I really like that design of the board, thumbs up.

The boxes are a good finding, but have the question if the dimensions “255 x 170 x 33” from the website are the inside of the box? Because than there will also 3 Multistar 5200mAh 4s Lipos fit and there is some space for the Vesc and the Turnigy wattmeter, so with an single motor one box is maybe enough.

I currently have 4 x 5200mAh 4S Multistars in one box and there is very little room left for much else:


Sure you have 4 x 4s? So that would be a 16s Lipo together?

I think you are using 4 x 3s. :smiley: The 3s are 142 x 49 x 22 and the 4s 142x49x29.

@hexakopter Yes you’re right I wasn’t paying attention when I posted… I measured the boxes up for you. Inside dimensions are approx. 233x163x30mm.

Finally wired up the battery box. Now waiting for the VESC’s and motors…


Thanks a lot for measuring it. So the 29mm high 4s Lipos maybe also work when it is possible to put the XT60s between them.

I am very new to eSkateboards and you are there first person who will use a wattmeter. The idea is great and a wattmeter is also on the way to me. :smiley: But on an electrical point of view I am not sure if it will work with the regen of the VESC. I am not sure if the current in the opposite direction will maybe destroy the wattmeter? I really don’t know. Do you or any other person has tested that? When the consumed mA are not displayed correctly, because the energy going back in to the Lipos that would not be a problem for me, but when it will destroy something that would be bad.

Yes, been thinkg about that too. I’m certainly not the first to use a wattmeter. This guy is also running VESCs with a wattmeter: thread

If I’m not mistaken regen braking can be turned off/disabled in the VESC if necessary.

you can turn it off but you won’t have any brakes at all.

My personal option is that a permanently attached/ built-in watt meter is mostly useless.

there are a few reasons why I say this;

  1. they only show real time data when your riding
  2. they display only the peak/max data once stopped.

so if you want to know how much power you are using/outputting for any given moment you need to be looking at the screen whilst riding, waiting for the info to scroll through, which is very unsafe! ALSO, as most people mount them beneath the board you can’t actually see the real time data which is what I believe is the most important.

I want to know how many amps I’m pulling on the flat vs hills vs coasting along a light decline etc - it doesn’t offer that info when mounted roadside.

When mounted roadside basically you need to get off the board to see any data, it can show peak watts & ah / wh consumed etc. Which is useful info for testing a drive train or new motors/ But really that is not data you need on a daily basis. When you think about it you really only need to know how much battery you have remaining.

permanent watt meters fall into the bling category.

Save the money & space.

So if i set negative battery current limit to zero, I lose all braking ? Won’t be doing that then…

correct. regen braking is the only type of braking it does.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I mean you are the first person “I saw” using a wattmeter. Thanks for the link, I will ask him how the regen is working with the wattmeter.

Woohoo, I just paid an obscene amount of import duties to get my r-specs and vescs thru customs and now delivery is slotted for tomorrow. Impressively short delivery time from the other side of the globe. Feels like christmas ! I’ll be sure to post progress soon.

Where do you live bro? I had to pay 11 usd on my space cell. Didnt get a bill on my vesc.

In Belgium. It was like 25% of the total value. Belgium is well known for its chocolate and high taxes :wink:

wow! 25% damn bro! that is some high tax

Belgium waffles? real or stereotype?

Waffles are for tourists.

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