Loaded Icarus Enclosure?

Hi I was wondering if there are any Icarus deck enclosures?




@Eboosted here’s a list of people recently requesting an Icarus enclosure

@Caleb1 @navgor @Deckoz @Emerson @BoostedBuilder


Thanks @deckoz started to work on the Icarus enclosure today.

I’ll will be like the Boosted enclosure, two parts, as the flex won’t work good o a single enclosure one because if the crazy flex. The battery part will hold a 12S battery with BMS and switch and the vesc enclosure will hold two focboxes, switch, remote receiver, xt60s and Bluetooth module.

I wonder if you would like a segmented enclosure instead or maybe a plain enclosure

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How big are you looking to build the battery section? 12S, what P? I don’t have the same vote that Deckoz obviously does but if I did I would say a split enclosure. Not sure why but I feel as though it looks cleaner.


+1 split :slight_smile:

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The split enclosuree would look sick and will hold 12S4P battery and maybe a 10S5P, still need to confirm this.

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From the testing I have done on my Icarus it needs to be split enclosures. Also @Eboosted I would recommend that you try to make the face of the ESC enclosure that faces rearwards perpendicular to the board. The shape of the vanguard enclosure makes it difficult to run the phase wires to the motors without them hiting the motors due to that angle on the icarus.

Hello man, the rear enclosure (vesc enclosure) is supposed to be mounted with the straight/perpendicular sie facing the motor, it seems you installed it backwards on your build.

The new enclosure would be flst at the motor side and angular at the side facing the front.

Yeah I had to install it that way for it to fit correctly on the icarus.

I think it looks good backwards!

Split enclosures is what we ended up talking about, vs a flex enclosure. 12s4p in the same layout as the vanguard 12s4p pack. Below is just a mock up

What I think we decided on…

What isn’t happening

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Isn’t the third option best for flex? It’s the shortest

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See the third option is how I built my vanguard but as three separate 10s packs. The vanguard had no issues like this, but this was also three 10s1p packs and strapped to a mounted plate - can’t find pics ATM and it’s apart for maintenance, so here’s just a picture of that pack

But it for a 12s as three 4s4p packs it would possibly be to wide and because of the width the variable camber on the Icarus may snap some spot welds. As well this build won’t have a mouting plate, it will be just batteries in the enclosure. The board flexes at the center on both lengthwise and width wise axis. Meaning most of the flex is at the center, while from center to truck lengthwise stays truer. As well because of this. Since the flex from side to side, having the first option allows the pack to flap like a bird during flex…hundreds of thousands a second.

Just going off what I “know”, and what would make sense if you think of the different scenarios and apply Occam’s Razor. I could be wrong there’s more experience here that could argue otherwise. :slight_smile:

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The problem with the 3rd option is the conexión between the packs, if they are nickel strips they will receive thousands of flexions per day, even if you connect then with silicone wires they will put stress on the strips and under the rings where the negative of each cell is.

If you mount them horizontally to the deck the stress on the pack connections may be less destructive.

Going by these images. The flex seems to be more towards the ends. The curve essentially reversed on the outer portions while the mid section remains somewhat flat.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the deck or plan to so you can ignore what I say if you want to.

@Eboosted, it’s couter intuitive but option 3 is worse.

Option 2 is the stiffest length wise. This is because cellls cant flex (duh). It has 2 flex points between the 3 groups. The way I would go about it is to use copper braid for the bends along with some squishable spacer between groups so that they are allowed to flex back and forth.

Option 3 is more flexible length wise. Even if you glue the cells together, with enough torque, the metal can can rotate within the heatshrink. This is no bueno. This is bad because now all that is preventing your cells to flex along with the deck is the welds/solder joints. Eventually, your welds will start braking in this kind of pack.

@Deckoz As far as the lateral flex goes, I imagine the flex here is much smaller than lengthwise and one way to deal with it would be to place a yoga mat kind of material between cells and deck. This way it can squish if needed on either side without stressing the cells.

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I’m looking on your website for Icarus enclosure, but it states 10s4p enclosure - what part is true? :slight_smile:

You can mount a 10S4P perfectly, you can also try to mount a 12S4P battery (48 cells) but the last row of cells will look bent like this, it won’t matter as it’s purely aesthetically but you need to take this into consideration to use flexible wires between the packs


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Do I also need to use flexible wire if I use a 10s4p battery pack? - because of board flex?

Yes you need to route the wires from the battery to the ESC enclosure with using 12AWG

ok, then i misunderstood you, i thaught is was inside the battery :slight_smile: