Loaded tan tien, 8s3p 30Q, sk3 6364, maytech vesc, 15mm drives

Little bit info of my self and the goal, Im 15 years old, around 55 kg from EU and building my first boards. English is not my native language so bare with me. My goal is to build a commuting build for school which should be as cheap as possible but i want it to last long and be reliable all the time and easy to maintain. Im building 3 boards all together to save som extra costs, one for my self, one for my dad and the last for a schoolmate, I will list the specs for all of them, and please give me the feedback you know! i appreciate everything. I have read a heck lot and damn this community is amazing, all the people have helped me a lot and now it is time to post my official build thread.

The hardware part ( won’t post links but I think you all know the stuff )

Board- Loaded tan tien for my self, had it since before dad and friend has a random blank china deck with same shape.

Trucks- all of us uses caliber clones from Aliexpress ( order but not received )

Wheels- orange 83mm flywheel clones from aliexpress all of us. ( received )

Motor mount- @Shogu12 group buy mount for all of us, still waiting for them to be done…

Pullys- Bought a really nice kit from @johnny_261 which includes 15t motor pulley, 36t aluminium wheel pulley and 2 htd5 belts, 15mm wide kit. ( received and looks awesome )

Case- Don’t really know yet, probably a cheap toolbox

vest case- don’t know

some vibrationabsqorbent matt and wire mesh to protect wires

Btw I’m doing a split enclosure close to boosted design as possible .

Now for software stuff.

Motor- Myself and dad sk3 6364 213kv motor and for my friend a sk3 245kv motor 6364

Battery- ok for my self a 8s3p lion pack of samsung 30q cells for dad a 8s3p lion pack with lg he2 cells friend are going with lips zippy 3s 8000mah in series

esc- I’m going with maytech vesc for all of us from egreenmotion- I have heard something about having to deal with boot loading and stuff and I really need help with understanding that

bms- for convenience and permanent enclosure om going with 2 bms 8s and one 6s 60A bms from battery support.

antispark switch- simple xt90 loopy

Remote- 3 mini remotes

charger- laptop charger for lion and that matches the voltages

battery monitor- have had problems with them only supporting 12,24,36,42 volt steps and my 29v setup is off but ill figure it out i guess

and standard 12awg wires for everything and 5.5mm bullets for everything, kapton tape, then foam to protect batteries.

This is about it of the produkts, if you want links and prices send a message. btw my dad is about 80kg and friend about 70, it will still work right? and how will voltage sag be? if i mount everything permanently will i have to much maintenance? if you see anything wrong or to adjust for all the 3 of us please do

thanks a lot and wish me luck!

Everything seems fine to me. Why are you going with different cells with very similar specs between you and your dad? Check the C rating on the lipos, try to find the highest possible (25-30 should be more than enough, considering the 60A limit on the bms) Maytech vescs should be good enough, but be careful, they’re not the most reliable. Don’t even try to go FOC with them Good luck!

Had the 30q before my dad wanted a board so then the he2 was on sale so just picked them up as well. 30C on the lipos. Will only go with bldc for sure

btw, I some how got 2 extra samsung 30q cells from nkon and founder if i could somehow implement it to the pack? like 9s but last cell group only 6000mah?

I dont think so… just use these for powering headlight or ledlights, for example…

They would need to be the same capacity… the only way on how to ‘‘improve the pack’’ would be to have the same amount of cells, as you have for either parallel or serial connection.

This involved either 9in series, or 5 in parallel…

Hello, just an uppdate I have received everything except the motor mount which has a hevy dealy until august so I am in panic finding another 3 cheap motor mounts and fast! Otherwise I have built the board and start solder on the electrical department