Loaded Vanguard 42" | Weekend build

So my coworker ordered all the parts and asked me to build for him. 3 months to order parts, 26 hours to assemble. So this will be a quick just pics thread…

Main things… @Eboosted enclosures The rest…well pics :slight_smile:

Setting the end voltage on the charger while under load.


Cool built. Could you link a charger and a bms?

The charger is 36v 5a.

The seller is currently out of stock but this is them on eBay

And this is the BMS http://www.ebay.com/itm/152255799442

Thanks for the links. Guessing you are bypassing BMS for discharge. What is that second 3 pin cable for?

I saw another build with separate enclosures and they used braided copper wires then put grip tape over it to look like there is nothing connecting it. That is also what they did with the boosted board.

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Hey man…I did that on my Vanguard…

My buddy was super against milling the board. So this was the option…

I tried to convince him but he wanted the natural wood top. So wires between the enclosures is how it ended.


Not sure I know what you mean by 3 pin cable…

Yes the discharge is bypassed.

The wires on the BMS are the balance port, -C coming from the negative of the charge plug, and -B being the negative of the battery. The white wires are the thermal shut down sensor of the BMS.

Ahh ok great work on the board love the eboosted’s enclosures on it.:slight_smile:

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Thanks man…but yea I wish he would have let me mill it and grip it in black. But hey to each their own. :slight_smile:

U would think he would listen to u.

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Sorry. 2 pin connector.

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Thermal shutdown sensor I have it buried under the battery.

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You are building the exact same build as me man! I have the enclosures from @Eboosted already. Glad to see there is enough room in the battery compartment for the BMS!

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Nice, good luck man, this one is done and my work buddy has been riding the crap out of it since I gave it to him Sunday morning. :slight_smile:

Leme know if you have any questions.

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yeah I do actually @Deckoz - how does she ride? Im expecting boosted but powerful! How did you secure the wire between enclosures? I am going to route a channel on top I think

On my vanguard I routed the board and wiress on top and covered with grip tape.

His wire is taped for now as the picture above as we are waiting on a wire channel.

The board is powerful, 31mph. But I’m jaded by the 107s on mine…so the 83mm wheels feel a bit rough. All in all it rides great and is super smooth, setup as Sensored FOC.

Nice build! I didn’t see a power switch, so I’m guessing he turns it on/off by connecting/disconnecting the wire?

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Nice build. Is your BMS any better than this one:

I used the latter one in my Vanguard.

Also do you use any isolation between two parts of the battery pack other than heatshrink?

I ordered the one in your link originally but it never showed up so no clue.

But yes there is kapton and fishpaper and tape underneath the shrink

I also waited very long time for this BMS to arrive from China. But eventually it did arrive. (Then it burned. Then I ordered a new one, which arrived quicker, meaning less than a month.)

Did you put male XT90 as the main battery connector? Might be a little dangerous. You should tell your friend not to insert a screwdriver there. :electric_plug::wrench: :bomb::boom: Why not female?

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