Loaded Vanguard and Never Summer Reaper enclosures for sale

Hello guys, I wonder if there would be any interest on custom enclosures for Loaded Vanguard or Never Summer Reaper projects.

I’m going to make a couple of these enclosures this week for two friends, I could make more if there is any interest:

Battery enclosure (It fits 10S4P with 18650s and BMS) US$ 60.00 Shipping to USA from Atlanta US$ 15 Shipping to USA from Perú US$ 40

VESC enclosure (It fits two VESC and XT90 Y) US$ 35.00 Shipping to USA from Atlanta US$ 10 Shipping to USA from Perú US$ 30

Never Summer reaper enclosure (it fits 10S4P, 2 VESCs, antispark switch, BMS) US$ 70 Shipping to USA from Atlanta US$ 20 Shipping to USA from Perú US$ 50

If they ordered before February 8th they would ship out from Atlanta on February 15th If they are ordered at a later time, they would ship out from Perú.


Just what I was looking for!! What’s the internal dimensions of the first enclosure? The one that fits a 10S4p :slight_smile:

Any chance you are selling the Vanguard deck and the enclosures together?

Hello Fraannk, here are the internal dimensions of the enclosure

19cms outside width

6 inches

6 inches

30cm long internally

40cm height

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Here is the enclosure with 40 18650 cells, you can see there is stiil available space for cables, plugs BMS and switch.



YES! Interested my bro!

EDIT: Shipping to UK? :thinking:

I honk I might take the battery enclosure

Reaper enclosure looks great!!! Good job!!

I don’t have any idea on shipping but I’ll find out right away

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News on the shipping? :wink:

i feel like that reaper enclosure could work on a very wide variety of decks, even without much concave, as long as the weather sealing its flexible enough. it’s a nice looking enclosure for sure

Hey @jackw, sorry for the delay, I’ve never shipped anything to UK before. Please PM me the shipping address and I’ll find out the shipping cost today

Hello guys what is he cheapest way to ship from USA to UK?, the prices on USPS are crazy high, if you create a business account on Fedex, UPS, UPSP would the price drop down significatively?

I’m able to ship for about $45 for 13lb then agian I do have a business account.

Your best bet may be using a flat rate box :wink:

A flat rate box is an USPS service?

Yes! Should be around 20$

Hello guys, I’m travelling to USA this weekend and will take the ordered enclosures in order to be shipped from Texas on Saturday.

If anyone else would like one, just him me up to prepare one more for you.

All enclosures shipped to Australia, UK and USA.

I still have some available:


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Dual VESC enclosures ready to ship


quality enclosure - cramming a 14aH 10s4p into mine.