Loaded Vanguard and Never Summer Reaper enclosures for sale

On this enclosure you can fit a 10S4P, on Samsung 25R you will have 360WHr on Samsung 30Q you could 432WHr, that’s 20% range, I usually squeeze 40km of range on the 25R on moderate riding.

On the VESC enclosure you can fit 2 VESC v4.12, just need to bend the caps in order to make them fit correctly, I also have a bluetooth HM-10, the receiver and a 3 XT90 (two for each VESC and one splitter)

The channeling on top of the board is pretty easy to do with a Dremel, it would be much easier with a router.

In fact this build it’s pretty easy once you see some pictures of how people done it

would you sell a vanguard deck to me

Noob question: why do you need 3 XT90 ?

could i buy a board from you

@Eboosted just received both enclosures today. They are gorgeous and look solid !


That’s amazing man! Thanks for letting me know!

Just a small advice, try to mount the battery enclosure almost hitting the front truck, just leave 2mm of gap, that’ll make your board look way nicer as if the truck and enclosure are one piece.

On the VESC enclosure try to mount it as close to the motors as you can, but not as close that it hits the motor mount at full carve, you will leave the center part of the deck free for full flex.

In order to make the holes on the board with precision, use a pencil tomark center of the hole and a wood drill bit with guides as this one:

Also use nutserts for the deck:


Thanks for the advices. Really appreciated. I’ll open a build thread when I receive everything!

Looking for both VESC and battery enclosure shipped to Los Angeles.

Hey, nice enclosures, I was wondering what type of GFK you used to make these?

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Speedy I used reinforced flexible fiberglass, let me know if you need one

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You have PM

The enclosures just arrived and look awesome! Thanks, @Eboosted!

That’s awesome. I’m really glad you like them!

Hi, your Vanguard enclosures look great. Do you still have them for sale (shipping to the USA)?

Hello Sash, yes I still have a few ready to ship.

Battery enclosure US$ 60 VESC Enclosure US$ 40 Shipping to USA US$ 15 Paypal fee US$ 5.75 Total US$ 120.75

Let me know I could ship tomorrow

Hello Eboosted,

I look forward to using your enclosures.

I am thinking about the components I should use (BMS vs no BMS setup, anti-spark switch vs XT90-anti-spark, etc).

The first question that I am trying to decide is what is the best way to attach the battery pack to the deck. I see 2 possible options:

  1. Attach the battery pack directly to the deck with tape, and then cover it by the enclosure. This is what I am currently doing with my LiPo batteries. The main benefit is that the weight of the battery is carried by the tape, so I don’t need to be paranoid about making a super strong connection between the enclosure and the deck.

  2. Attach the batteries and all components to the enclosure (with tape, glue, or silicone?) I want 100% water-proof setup, so I plan to cover cover the whole enclosure by a layer of rubber and glue it to the enclosure along the edges. Then attach this enclosed battery to the deck by screws. This will be a modular and waterproof setup with easy to remove battery (good for travel, etc.)

My main concern with this option is whether 4 screws will provide a strong connection to the deck to carry the whole weight of 10S4P battery. In the original Boosted board, they have 3 times smaller battery attached by 6 screws.

I am planning to use M4 screws. I have nice low-profile nut inserts for M4 screws that should be good for thin Loaded Vanguard deck.

Will 4 M4 screws be enough to carry the weight of 10S4P battery?

Just let the battery loose between the enclosure and the deck, if you attach the battery to the deck or enclosure you will suffer everytime you need to diassemble it.

With 4 bolts you have a mora than enough secure fixation, just use nutserts attached to the deck.


  • Use locktite for the M4 allen bolts that will hold the enclosure
  • Buy Neoprene to seal the enclosure and avoid rattling inside it


  • Regrip the deck after installing the enclosures and before mounting the truck bolts, use MOB grip tape, pretty nice stuff:


  • Use Zealous bearings, military strong and easier than runing spacers:


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Thanks for the tips!

Actually, I am using similar Daddies bearings with built in spaces:


Hello, I want to do a build on a Bhangra. Thinking it might be better with the NS enclosure, not sure. Are all your enclosures still available? Would need them shipped to Canada…

Hello I have a universal enclosure that might fit pretty good on your Loaded Bhragra:

Just check what’s your maximun width and compare it to this one:

Maximun length:

With batteries on: