Loaded Vanguard Flex 1 TurnigySK3 6374 192kv 10S4P

Hey guys, I haven’t posted much, but here is what I am working on right now. It is a Loaded Vanguard Flex 1 deck with Caliber trucks. Also put some Kegal wheels on it. I was blowin away by how well it rides. I can cover so much area with very little effort on this board. I’ve been having a blast just riding it around. Now I am even more excited for this build.

Motor Mount and pulleys: I am going to machine my own motor mounts on a CNC mill. Is there any interest for some strong well made motor mounts? I am thinking about running a batch of 50-100 if people would buy them. I’m open on design ideas at this point even. I have some designs modeled and ready for testing as well.

Batteries: Any advice on doing a 10s4p battery pack in 4 different sections of the board?


I am most likely going to machine an enclosure for the ebay skateboard controller that is also a massive heat sink. Anybody good at heatsink design?
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for the batteries you can hook them all up as 1s4p groups and connect the series with silicone cable. If you add a little length to the cable it should be good enough for the whole pack to flex. The enclosure would be a challenge however. Building it like kaly’s enclosure would work though.

I have a huge chunk of scrap delrin I am thinking about machining the enclosure

For my Vanguard build I bought a set of enclosures from @Eboosted. They’re very high quality and fits perfectly!

Looking forward to following your build :slight_smile:

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This is what I’m thinking for a motor mount. I have seen this collet style on here before. I will mill the plate to .375in and the slimmer mount area to .250in. The collet insert will just need to be hit with the bandsaw to create a clamp. The screws should be sufficient especially with some locktite.

Anybody want one? The collet insert could be milled to accept Paris, Caliber, or most other truck styles.

Edit: Material would be 6061 T6 or better, possible 7075 blends. Possible slimmer Titanium mounts as well.

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I’ll be interested not in one but two mounts :stuck_out_tongue: just let me know what will be the costs and if you can ship internationally.

Could you please let me know which BMS do you use?

hey! would this case fit a 10S1P LIPObatteries? this is the type of batterie that i want to use https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-5000mah-2s-30c-lipo-pack-xt-90.html and the specifications are Turnigy 5000mAh 2S 30C Lipo Pack w/XT-90 Pack Size: 143 x 50 x 19mm (for one) so i want to use 5 of this in series obviously thanks!

Check out Eboosted’s thread where he sells them, there’s measurements there.