Loaded Vanguard flex 1 VS 2?


I just bought the Loaded Vanguard and the guy in the store made a mistake and orderd for me the flex 2 instead of flex 1 that I asked for. I weight 176 pound / 80kg and want to reach top speeds of 30 mph / 50 kmh.

I wanted the flex 1 because I assume it’s better for high speeds as it is more stiffer. Should I be worried about it with the flex 2? I thought about giving the deck back to the store. They don’t have the flex 1 at the moment and I can’t buy it online.

What do you think I should do?


Boosted board uses a flex 3 vanguard, so you should mostly be fine. However, 50 kmh is pretty fast, so if you realllllly want to be on the safe side, and prefer speed over a smooth ride, you might want to swap it anyway.

im riding a flex 2 vanguard with 82kg and I love it, it has the perfect flex. topspeed 50kph absolutely no problem, got more than 3000km on the board and never ever had just the slightest hint of a speed wobble. but Im also running ronins which probably are a little more stable.

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Flex 1 is only on the 42" (i have one and really like it):

I’d say that as much as i like the vanguard - i prefer a stiffer deck for higher speeds. If you really want a 30mph board for all day hauling ass - i’d switch to a downhill/stiff deck.

At slower speeds, the vanguard is great for absorbing bumps and makes those moderate speeds much more comfortable.

The longer 42" flex 2 might be worth reinforcing with some GF or CF added for increased stiffness.

At 176lbs you are in the middle, but if this is your first esk8 i’d caution you that it’s a lot more work to electrify a flexy deck.


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Thanks for your comments guys!

I will use Caliber II 50 trucks with it, how stable will it be?

Very similar to my setup. While it’s my board - my GF has permanently “borrowed” it and it’s her esk8 to ride with me.

I have it setup w/ Caliber II 50’s - 80mm kegels - single 6374 190kv motor - 12mm - 15/36 - on 8s lipo (2 x 4s 8000mAh 30c Zippys). Before i upgraded her motor and wheels it was just shy of 14lb and a great lightweight setup.

When i ride it now it will still skip on 12mm belt/gears, but i’m 265… Going to try an idler pulley on it next. Just have to plan braking a bit earlier and not go as fast. Works great for her, but she honestly tops out about 8mph and probably a bit lighter than you on my Flex 1.