Local 3D Printing Website

Hey guys,

I’m looking to 3D print something, and sometime last year I found on this website (and tons of people recommending it) a website where local people have a listing of sorts and you can see what materials they provide and how much it’ll cost. It isn’t 3DHubs, Shapeways, makexyz; it wasn’t from a company that printed it out for you it was individual people posting their listings and offering their service and you can see who’s offering what. Anyone have any idea what it was called, this is killing me



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Very similar to this! But not quite, it was less established businesses rather local people with 3D printers offering services

that sounds like the garages thing, but other than that don’t know.

this is 3dhubs. but maybe theres a smaller one. I can print stuff if you’re in the US. what do you need?