Local offer of a chinese mountain board for 215$. Worth it?

Hey there!

I looked around and found some info on these boards, but nothing concrete except that they are not great. Overall their specs seem to be okay, except that they are not really reliable. The board in question is this one. It doesn’t really have a name, but there is a brand selling it with the name Ninestep. Also it is sold on geekbying as “SYL-08”. Some people have videos of the board and they don’t mention actual problems, but the comments do.

I am writing here to ask for advice - Is it worth it for 215$? Its used but it doesn’t seem really worn down if at all. The guy probably rode it only on roads. Potentially i can buy another esc (for example meepo v3’s esc and remote, i don’t really have the money to spend on more than that). The battery itself is 36v and 11000mah (should be) so only it should cost about that much.

What are your thoughts? I read another thread on the topic and i don’t really know what to get from it.

Thanks in advance!

I have 2 opinions on this.

  1. For 215 bucks you cant go wrong, as long as it works. It’ll prolly have crap battery life and be slow, but it appears to be a decent entry into the hobby.

  2. Save your money and buy something better, better yet build your own. There is literally zero that you will WANT to reuse on this board when you decide you wanna go more than 5 miles and faster than 15 mph.

So, there ya go :slight_smile:


I do have the WowGo 2S ( I’d have gone for the meepo v3 honestly, but it came out after i ordered). It just looks like it is a great deal, but i guess i won’t be buying it

That’s actually pretty cheap but I shouldn’t feel very safe on it, If you buy it I should try to improve it.

The battery is a 10S5P 11Ah LG pack so I guess they are using LG MF1 cells which can handle 5A with not to much sag. So the pack should be able to deliver like 30A. I don’t know if 1000W is enough for you but if you ride on flat rodes that must be fine. The real capacity will be around 9Ah (so not 11Ah) I guess you can get max 15km out of this pack

Just a bit information about the battery :smile:

If you dont buy it, i will give me a link please if you dont want it

Am I not seeing the same link?? I’m far from that price…and it also changes when I receive the link???Screenshot_20190611-210255 received_1313417408815095

The board is actually a street board due to the lack of power and a poor street board due to the lack of stability and crappy imprecise trucks. Most reviews that you see are actually sponsored.

It may be a good entry board, but it personally only took me one month to outgrow it completely. For 250, you can probably get a nice second hand mtb platform (mbs or trampa) and look forward to something that will last you a very long time and grow along with your skills.

The link is just a reference for a board he can buy second hand somewhere else. It’s all in the first post.

I am more interested in the electric part of the “electric skateboard” word combination. I thought it would be atleast semi-good upon first look but after researching a bit i found out that its not really something that would be relatively lasting/reliable. Potentially, i could change the ESC to a hobbywing or meepov3 but i guess it won’t change much. If that is the case, i won’t be buying it. @Dirt_Bag its a local local deal. He doesn’t even want to sell it outside his town because it is rather large. Also, its in Bulgaria, Europe, so… I figured that even if it isn’t a great board, atleast i’d be able to part it out and sell the battery for around the same price or a bit less, the board itself for about 50-100$ and the motors for 50$ or something like that… Any thoughts on that?

Exchanging the esc to something else will improve reliability a bit, but you are still limited by a maximum output of 50a combined for two motors due to the battery pack. I have personally noticed that if you indeed try to pull that amount, the pack’s voltage drop is around 3v (large amou t) which reduces range and performance severely.

If you improve performance drastically with an esc and lipo combination that pulls more amps, the board becomes unstable fast (in my case, around 35 km/h) and you have to install dampers to compensate. During braking, you will also notice that the belt starts slipping and you need a better motor mount due to increased performance. At this point, you have already replaced the most critical components/may as well have used a different platform for your components.

Not sure how much demand there is for the original parts. Here at least, none.

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It depends on shipping, but im interested

i have this board and it’s okay. you WILL NEED to upgrade the battery as i can only get 5km’s out of it before the voltage sag makes the thing turn off.

the ESC and remote are also not bad

Offer was over basically the next day after i made this thread. I ended up not buying it.