Lock solution - Forgive me father for i have sinned xD

I have finally decided to do this simple, yet unpopular, mod to my skate. Finally I can leave it with peace of mind outside, locked to a pole or bike rack or anything solid, while I go to the beach or into stores.


Easy to brake, dont leave it out. But well thought I guess.

Skatan now has your soul. Forgiveness is not an option.


Doubles as handle bars. I just went with putting a big hole in the nose of my board so I could loop a cable lock through it.

I tough about that option, but cable is too easy to cut with bolt cutters and would not give me peace xD

This is a good option for short quick errands without having to lug around a heavy ass board into a store. You probably wouldn’t want to wonder off too far or for more than a half hour.

This mad me LOL so loud! But seems like a good solution.

Easy to brake? So far seems the best solution i saw on the internet, and it is so damn easy to make :stuck_out_tongue: The lock looks like a quality U-lock… so you will need a battery angle grinder to brake it, a bolt cutter will not do the job, and it makes lots of noise and sparks … And the holes in the board seems to have lot of wood meat around, so i don’t se why should break easy. I probably will do the same to my board when i decide to build it if there are no better option that come up by then…

Anyone has a suggestion for better and more secure locking method? i am not talking of carrying it with you, i am talking of locking it, thanks :slight_smile:

I wouldnt leave 1k++ worth eboard outside alone even with a ulock. If it’s a normal eboard, I don’t mind. There is always a possibility where if I can’t steal it, I will break it.

This is the reason why we invented the Holy Pro and make our decks from fibre reinforced material (-; You can even lock the truck to the deck.




I like the idea but i wouldn’t use it. It’s nice to see when there is only deck on that post where you left your board :smiley: or somebody has wrecked it. I see almost every day some bike FRAMES locked in poles. It’s so easy to take everything else off.

I have never seen a strip of plywood, attached to a post. Would be at least something new!

Lol I just use an alarm lock through and round the trucks,doesn’t need to be bulky, anything touches it a warning goes off then 120 decibel alarm sends them scurrying !! :bell::loud_sound::rat::mouse2:

Like this minus the seat post holder

Iv used a similar lock on my bike for years never had anything stolen off it as it alarms the whole bike.

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Link please.

What country are you from? I could send you an ebay link but think your American so just search Amazon.com for alarm lock

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Just don’t buy one that looks like this! The button broke and nearly couldn’t get it unlocked! Sent it back lasted a day!! KKmoon Combination Cable Lock with Bluetooth; 80cm Wire Rope Smart Lock Anti Theft Alarm Keyless Phone APP Control Smart Lock https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LY9NK2E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_.nPuzbKZQJ3M5

Sounds appealing,bluetooth lock no keys even has its own app! just a shame the button to release the lock got stuck!! They also make a code version but no way I’m trusting to buy another! Thought I was gona have to ring my builder mate to bring his tools till I pryed it apart! Steer clear…read reviews!

About ten years ago I had a crappie old skateboard. It was like worth $5 ! Some crazy chick stole it when I went to the bathroom in a coffee shop. Even a small chain locked to a chair would be enough. Unless you lockup your board at the same time and place every day I don’t think you need to worry about someone cutting a lock with tools.

i carry mine into the store.

Cashier: “Is that one with the motors? how do you ride that with your groceries?”

Me: “I am a god. Check the forums, they’ll tell you.”

Cashier: “Suddenly i want to have ten of your babies.”

Me: “I only have three children, and no you can’t have them. Plastic is fine, thank you. Can i use the chip here?”