Locking connector for motor leads

I just got a VESC, and I’m looking for a locking connector for the 3 motor leads, rather than the standard bullet connectors. Aviation power couplings look right: But I’m not sure if it will carry the amperage I need. Do you think it will work? Any suggestions for something similar?

Those connectors are rated 3A normally.

The eBay listing claims 10A/125V but I don’t believe them.

I use those for my CNC steppers, they pull about 2.5A and they work fine, but they wont hold up for an esk8. 3A is the operating rating, 10A is probably the max they will take.

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A regular wall socket would work, or computer plug, but they don’t lock.

There’s also this connector: not locking, but it does look pretty decent. Some different sizes depending on load expected.



Call me crazy but I feel like part of the reason that they dont lock in place is in case something requires that you disconnect the wires fast. (IE fires, short circuits, etc)

BBBBUUUUTTTTTTTT you could always just use some briefcase snaps/locks to get this to work how you want. It will jsut require some mad JB Weld and good planning.

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Oh dammit I JUST placed a HobbyKing order. Thank you for pointing these out, I’ll probably pick some up.

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Don;t do it! You need to keep those 3 motor wires separated as much as possible. If you try to use a connector like that, you will likely wind up with a short and blow your vesc. It would be safer to stay with bullet connectors. The 5.5mm connectors fit tight and will not come loose while riding. You can also do something like this to help insulate them.