Locking up your board

Just the question in the title, do any of you guys lock up your boards and how?

This could help you,

My plan (because i’m still in the design process) is to use security torx bolts on all the hardware so that no one can tamper with the guts. As for locking it up, nothing. My esk8 is going to be about the size of a skateboard so i’m just going to get a backpack that I can strap it to when i’m not using it. And something that just occured to me was shoving a tile keyfinder into it in case i lose it. Hope that helps. :upside_down:

The tile is a great idea. You can probably hide one of those in there that no one would ever notice.

As for securing a board, I wouldn’t trust my board out there alone in the world. If anything, I’d say a bag with reinforced steel cables that can lock to a rack.

I always have my backpack with me. But those cables would make a great addition to it and would definately add peace of mind.

Thanks, didn’t see this thread before!

There is already a big topic on this linked a few posts back. Thanks guys.