London esk8 Events - 20th May & 25th June - HUSKelectric

This event is not being organised by me but I asked the organiser if it would be ok for me to post here. I was at an Evolve event last week and met Matt there. It was an awesome afternoon riding with a great group of riders. I was riding my trampa eMTB as well as quite a few different evolve boards.

Please note that if you have a DIY/non-production board you must email [email protected] with details of your board and supply pictures.

HUSKelectric is hosting 2 events in London @ the Olymic Velo Park, Stratford, East London.

20th May 4pm - 5pm 25th June 3pm - 4pm

Here is the info copied from


The cost of each of these events for owner/riders of " off the shelf " manufactured E Decks ( Electric longboards / skateboards) will be £25.00. Payable in cash after registration and disclaimer signing. No cards accepted !!! ( this will change soon ). Please no homemade electric skateboards unless you contact us before the event via email and we can deem them to be safe.

We will be handing out business cards / flyers at CriticalMass ( london ) and the Evolve UK Cyclopark event - these will get you £5.00 off entry :slight_smile:

This includes: Free Car Parking ( 4 hours) - for paid participants. The West Ham Football club match days severely slows down traffic around the velopark so if driving take that into account, time-wise.

Riding the Velopark Road Track for the one hour Exclusive FreeRide Session.

Full changing facilities inside the velopark - showers, changing rooms, toilets etc .

The HUSKelectric Trackside Suite will be open for Registration and Deck Charging for 90 minutes before the track time (which is different each session) and for 90 minutes after the track time.

Hackney Wick ( Here East ) or Stratford stations are the closest train stations.

HUSKelectric does have a few BoostedBoards and Evolve Skateboards to rent out - For these two events BUT they are all booked already - Sorry. I am working hard on having more Boosted Boards, Evolve GT Carbon, Trampa Boards and BajaBoard at Our Events for rental and tuition if needed.

Helmets and pads MUST BE WORN. Full sets of these are available to hire at the VeloPark for under £5. Obvs get there early to hire pads and helmets. We recommend Gloves as well !!!.

Spectators can attend for free, enjoying the public facilities that the VeloPark already offers. Spectators are not allowed in the track enclosure, but can see the track from the velodrome walkways and the paths all around the track.

To ride at these events you have to be over 18.

The Car Park is on Abercrombie Rd, next to the Velodrome and the Olympic BMX track, Stratford, East London. The post code can be misleading on sat navs so look it up to pin point exactly where you need to get to .


Sweet this sounds awesome. Gives me a deadline to get my board finished by… I duct taped everything to the deck last week and gave it it’s first ever whirl… I fixed the auto braking issue…

don’t forget to email Matt and send him some pictures of your board etc.

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Amazing event! So many people! Here are some pics:

UP, tomorrow 3pm @ the velodrome! HuskElectric London #2 !

Video of the last event unedited:

Other Velodrome videos from @andyzbox:

Matt will bring a Trampa with a single dive and a VESC 4.12, running the latest 3.26FW in FOC. That is the first time you will be able to test ride the new FW with 4.12.