London Meetup? I'll be in central London for one week from Aug 22 - 28. Who wants to skate?

Hi team! Im visting from Los Angeles. Looks like Im staying about 2 km south of the river, however Ive got about 18km of range and a 5amp charger to get around. Never visited as an adult, would love to meet everybody in London to talk esk8 and experience the streets of London! Whats everybody think? I have no plans and will literally just be skating everywhere and charging wherever. Lets figure something out!

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I am up for that.

how long are you in town?

Sounds good! I didn’t make the last one but may be able to make this one…

North of the river has some good ride spots… Hyde park and St James’ park too…

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Depending on the date I might be able to join;) 23rd works for me better

23rd works for me too

@itsmikeholland what sort of skating do you fancy?

as @darkkevind mentioned Hyde Park is awesome for smooth footpaths and long rides or do you wanna hit the streets and skate past some icon London landmarks?

The embankment would be great as long as there’s not too many roadworks… See the needle, the eye, big Ben & houses of parliament. Go over the Vauxhall bridge and then go back on the south Bank towards the Oxo tower… Good ride!

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I think south bank will be too crowded, you’ll be slaloming between people. Hype park it’s much larger and less people to avoid.

depends what time we hit the streets. A night ride along those spots would be killer!

But during peak times Southbank is hard enough to walk at a decent pace :slight_smile:

I might go scope out that area this evening

Yeah! We could meet up in Hyde park/ Kensington park and take it from there. Street wise, during the day anywhere in london will be tough :slight_smile: I still haven’t braved central london streets :wink:

Also if it will be few of us, keeping low profile from police would be better :slight_smile:

@MontPierre with the amazing cycle ways we have here that are so well planned, nice and wide and completely safe, I can’t see why not :stuck_out_tongue:

that said if we plan carefully there are some well designed safe cycle ways we could use.

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as long as we aren’t planning to start mugging people like the moped gangs I think we will be all good.

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Hi everyone! I would be down for a night ride to see the sights without the crowds, what days work best for everyone? Tuesday and Wednesday night seem like they would be ideal for avoiding crowds. I arrive early Tuesday and leave early the following monday. I have absolutely no plans at all and wouldnt be opposed to even taking the train out to brighton or somewhere way out of town for a day ride. Its completely an open book for me!


Just realised 23rd is a Wednesday… I work man :frowning:

this is the board Im traveling with. I have 10s4p 360wh and a 5amp charger so I can quickly recharge for more range if we stop at any bars or something. 23rd works for me! should we make the 23rd official? whats a good location for everybody? Im staying 2km south if the river and can uber wherever is best.


jump on a tube, it’s quicker :slight_smile:

@itsmikeholland any hassle with the battery when flying? That’s above the amp hour limit right?