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Long distance vehicle?

Ordered 48 of these. High discharge cells are only 2500mah but with 4 in parallel I can hit peak discharge ability of 80 and these have a lot more stored energy at 3000mah

Maybe 28 mile range?

Going to pot them all in clear 70duro rubber stuck to the board with no bms and just the 12s series connections and those 4 in parallel. Will form small recessed holes in the rubber and it’s mold to reach each cell so I can monitor and balance. Very manual. Will use a couple to-be found 4 or 4.2 volt chargers and some light bulbs to discharge.
I don’t like my Icharger and am trying to sell it (to u?!) Any advice on thickness of bus bar or wiring necessary between the cells and paralleled packs? I plan to just solder the cell connections.

charge all in series on a bulk charger to 50v

If you’ve ever gotten 18650 do u bother testing or cycling them a coule times to cheek on them before u connect or did U just buy what u needed?

LG HG2 are not 35amp continuous btw. They are 20amp. Probably not the most authentic cells. We will see how they go.

Really? U think not authentic I’d think with the great eBay rep someone has tested them!
Yea they write 35 there and everywhere else I’ve seen its 20. I’m sure u could graph either discharge and get some curve but I don’t see curves where things fall off a cliff such as with low voltage. Just a further sag. But 80 continuous amps!!

Didn’t look at the ebay reviews until now. But I didn’t want you to think they are 35amps because they are not. Time will tell.

LG HE4 18650 30 A discharge high capacity , about $4 per piece . compared to @Hummie’s Ebay 35A discharge US$28.98 per piece . i dont know what to say next . which is authentic ?

THIS ONE EVEN OFFER 40a discharge

The eBay deal I got is for 4. They are 3000mah. The cells u linked are 2500mah. With a big enough pack it raises amp hour x discharge number allowing me to get beyond the max amp draw I might see. In this case I’m far into safety.

Sony VTC5 are the only 18650 on the market that have 30 amp continuous. There are no other “real” batteries that have more than that in the continuous rating. Maybe peak, but not continuous.

the lg’s are 20A it says so in the long spec shee. the basens are 40A pulse says so on the battery itself. last both are legit its just that the company is pushing out the wrong info to get more people to buy it.

i went to a local electronics shop , and they ask me whats its (18650) for ? they are obviously instructed by the authorities to question customers when i noticed that they wont answer my questions or sell me before i answer this very questioon . everytime i enter the shop . since i think they are helping the authorities catch bad guys who use it for criminal activities . (i dont want to mention it here , you all adult know what it is )
so i showed them my videos , and they go “WHOOAAAH!?!?!” , that feeling of AWESOME :sunglasses: suddenly encompass me , feels gr8 :relieved:
“now they have motors on skateboards ?” .
then one one of them explained to me that basically there are usually 2 types of 18650 .

18650 3A is for torch lights and vapers ,
18650 30A is for builts with motors “like yours” she said .

the 3A are $7 to $11
the 30A are $29 to $38 local dollars .
and yes ! they also sell the all~too~famous in Ebay & youtube “ULtraFire”

but NONE of the shops i visited sell the BMS i am looking for to replace the spoilt one in my space cell , also hard to sift around alibaba pages when they DONT WRITE or SPEAK proper ENGLISH !
can someone tell me where i can get a replacement BMS for the space cell ?

You could probably get one from I think they are pretty good quality. Get the 60amp one.

space cell BMS is 60amp ?

Yes the Space Cell has a 60amp BMS.

Most thorough and complete testing I’ve found. A lot of the bad brand names do ok.

there’s also here:

10 or 12S at 3 or 4P and you’re set. 50 for $205. And they actually spot test their cells and ship from the US.

Also, in 3000mAh varieties for $2 more per cell

50 of those would be about $310

Not the best deal! I think the best deal, which I should’ve gone with and will go with now (for the next board)
The endless-sphere for sale section Sanyo/Panasonic or samsung 3500mah and 10c continuous (who knows the burst can’t find it)
Shipping is a long time but still super cheap and the cells are super cheap considering the numbers they put out.

After dorking out for hours looking at the link I added and comparing to these cellson es (which aren’t on the site I linked)…these cells rock…if you believe they can handle even the slightest burst and you’re doing 4 in parallel they have the most mah for their size. Longest distance.