Long Term Discount for Forum Members

Now that black Friday and Cyber is (Almost) behind us and the black Friday thread managed to fall into a death spiral and spontaneously combust.
I’d like to start a list of vendors that have extended long term discounts to the forum members.
It will be short to start but hopefully will grow as time goes. Please keep it civil and on topic guys.

As usual let me know if theres a dupe and I am happy to delete or merge.



  • www.mbs.com
  • Code - ESK8BUILD15 - 15% Available for members of this forum, all the time anytime



I wish MBS EU and US were on the same page. I saw some on sale hubs on eu MBS and they would t ship to the US. :frowning:

Good topic I think MBS is the only one though.

I may be wrong but i think that esk8 specialized vendors main customer base are people from this forum so I don’t think they would give special discount for members. Rather, they probably priced their items based on our behavior as customers. Maybe we could appoint a trusted member to contact longboards and related products vendors and negotiate some kind of discount. But maybe the member count is not significant enough.

there should be a system where, the more they release/help with things for people to use, they get awarded with discounts, etc

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Yes this is a list of one right now.
It may stay a list of one or it may grow.
Maybe other non ESK parts vendor will join in as well (tsg? ruroc? Muirskate?)

If it stays a list of one then it will really highlight the good will extended to us by @MBS. They made a very gracious move extending that discount to us and at the minimal I’d like to give them some exposure.

They do make kick ass bindings :wink: (shameless review plug here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/mbs-bindings-first-impression-for-those-who-really-want-to-be-one-with-their-board/71900) and I know I’ll be interested in their trucks once the metal base plate arrives


would you reccomend the MBS bindings over trampa bindings?

debating if theyre worth…

Can’t personally vouch for the mbs bindings, but the trampa bindings definitely lock you in. The S2’s i had let me skip out if I had to bail. The trampa bindings, the board stayed attached when I went down. Trampa’s were definitely more comfortable, in that they didn’t pinch your feet after a long ride

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Short answer yes.
More comfy. Better adjustablity. They also don’t have the problem of the ratchet sticking when you tighten them. Long answer read my review :stuck_out_tongue: MBS Bindings first impression… for those who really want to be one with their board


Didn’t try if it still functioning, but before there was the 10% hobbyking discount which was working always. Just enter HOBBYKING10 while check out

Thanks, AND its now official a list :wink:

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Hobby king will keep on giving discounts if you leave things in your cart. Try doing it for a day. :sunglasses:


Like enertion? Is it still functioning to get the 11% off mail if you let your things in the cart on the enertion site?


Haven’t bought from them for a bit. Probs though. They send you mails and everything. Hard sell! Come back and buy NOW

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Nha they disable the discount codes during a a sale. It was the same during the Halloween sale. I know cuase I tried this. :joy:. What I don’t understand is why they don’t just disable the emails

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Now it makes sense! Wanted to go with the 8% code during the BF deal and on the billing page, the code got removed and I couldn’t re-add it and was confused

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still got an email for an 11% off when i left two focboxes in my cart on friday. was working as well when i dropped it in.

Anyone else with something to add? Just a tiny bump :slight_smile:

Yes! I just checked to see if it still worked. https://flatland3d.com/ has promo code “sharetheroad” for 10% off. I used it on an order at the end of 2017 and 2018.

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Good stuff! Thanks for contributing hahah :grin: