Longboard conversion

hey i just got a sumer job that wil make me around 400 euro and whit that money i rly want tho build a second electrick skate board i have a 11s 16000mah battery or around 200 2000mah 18650 1-5c. i have a board that i love and that i woud like to covert in to a elcetrick one http://www.streetsurfshop.nl/nl/flying-wheels-flying-wheels-mustang-sally-lime-lon.html

i have no clue what to use as a motor/motors and esc i woud like to have in hub motor but if there are rly big draw backs oone those plz let me know.

if any one coud help out that woud help a lot i have a good rage of tools btw just in case


You should have a look at other people’s builds on the forum and see what they have used. The large 11a battery should be fine to use as long as it can supply enough amps and you don’t weigh a lot. You could also use a vesc as the esc but make sure you read up about that so you don’t blow it up. The motors you should look at are some sleep: motors from HobbyKing if you are going to use a belt or chain drive. As for hub motors I don’t really know much about them just that they don’t have a lot of torque

tnx man i wil look in to other builds (btw it aint a 11amp battery is a 11s 160amp max draw 16000mah battery :slight_smile:)

Are you looking to make an all terrain or street (hub) build?

Lots of directions you can go.

Check out this build:

i have a okay AT i like it for off road a lot, but on the street its pure shit that is wy i am looking in to a street build whit 90mm wheel hope to get around 30 mph if that is posibele dual motor (i way 60kg btw) i am looking at the sk3 - 192 kv any sugjestion for a gear ratio tnx where i ride the bigest hill is like 10% so dont need a hill climber just flat

Probably around 15/36 or 16/36 on your gear ratio would net you 30mph.

great set up list vesc x2 = 250-400$ 192kv sk3 x2= 180$ diy mount=20 $ pully and other cabbels bla bla bla = 50$

dose this sounds good?

100$ dollars over buget :cry: well i gues after my summer job need to go work at macdonalds or somting

btw is there i way i coud calculate the range i coud get ?


btw will a 3d printed pully do the job on the weel ???

Looks about right.


Print a good pulley out of nylon and it will work great!

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wow 40km range i am in :joy:

saidly i cant get nylon filemnt here i coud get carbonfiber but tha woud cost like 60$ a roll woud abs or pla work ?

Yes but you said you wanted to make good pulleys so I suggested what works best.

i wil just order them then dont want it to brake on a 20km ride or somting :joy:

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