LongBoard Cross | This sport is made for eboard riders!

This looks like so much fun, can you imagine hitting those launch ramps with a powered deck!.. One day there will be enough eboard ownership to warrant an event like this for eboarders.

I suppose you would have to have some different divisions/categories like dual motor & single motor? Or maybe just set a weight limit… you can have what ever setup you like under 6 or 7kg?


My dream is to one day own enough land and cash to build a grand prix style paved electric longboard track complete with overpasses and tunnels and banked turns. Weekend events like lap races, endurance runs, time trials, drag races… the only limitation is how much awesome you can pack into your board. DIYs and commercials welcome. Open late every night!

Could you imagine? how awesome would that be? And food trucks!


Imagine it. Build it.

I believe it will happen. Probably take 10 years though.

We need more people building eboards… but actually if we ran the comp now DIY and commercial… not many people would buy commercial after they see how fast DIY is. :wink:

I totally agree with that. Now is a great time for garage builders because commercial options are under some serious restrictions at the moment.

I keep waiting to come up on somebody else with any kind of electric board but in my area i’m kind of an anomaly. I know there are people doing it, my wife has seen them on the street but i have never once met anyone else in person who’s into this. And that’s sad. Because I’m literally all over the place on this thing. Its like they’re all hiding out in that one place i never go or something.

I ordered some business cards offering custom build services so pretty soon I’ll be able to actually stop and talk to people and have something to leave with them. Hopefully that will generate some buzz in their circles about this wonderful world of electric skateboards.

The weight categories would make sense, since that would limit the beastliness you could build into your board, but there should be speed minimums (not maximums!) in each. That way the tracks could be modified accordingly: more verts when banking, jumping from one hill to another (like dirt bikes), heck even throw in a loop-the-loop in there.

a full pipe as part of the course… yes please!

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100m uphill dragg race !

into sea !

literally ! no stopping til you kissed the ocean !


mostwanted, you are the most awesome person on this forum, your’re posts always make me smile :slight_smile:

uphill drag racing would be amazing. I’d watch that.