Longboard or Mountainboard?

Hey esk8 builders! just a simple question from a noob at off-road skateboarding.

I’m looking for a board that can take a beating, going off road on not much but the occasional dirt road/gravel path, Should I go for an all-out Trampa or just a Longboard with wide wheels and durable trucks, if a longboard, what trucks/wheels should I go for? (Going for a dual motor set up)

Any answers welcome, my first build and on a bit of a budget.

My second build is a longboard deck with 6" pneumatic wheels on Caliber 10" trucks. I think it’s perfect for “light” offroading (dirt and gravel paths, not completely ungroomed trails.) I can definitely recommend psychotiller’s sixshooter wheels if you can afford them, they’re great looking and bulletproof.

Thanks for the help, will definitely check out the options.

Definitely x2 on the six shooters. @psychotiller can hook you up with everything or just some parts. I purchased a complete board from him less all electronics. So glad I did. Hit him up for a quote. Man I can’t wait for the cold and snow to disappear :sunglasses:


I was in a similar situation. I’ve choose to build a mountainboard.

Ive build both, apparently my choice stick to the largest wheel and highest torque in expense of weight and size. Mountainboard is more durable as they lift higher from the ground, pneumatics keeps the vibration minimum. The parts and components are more durable. And I could just destroy most type of street from gravel, aspath, dirt which makes it more fun.

I always liked @okp’s hybrid style. It’s like a mountainboard but as light as possible. Maybe it’s the thing you’re looking for.

I would pick a long board on six shooters as well if you are not needing true off roaring. I’ve ridden Tampas only on asphalt and I really don’t like the stance. Reminds me of Yosemite Sam


same here brother :slight_smile:

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Hahaha I never put that together…but now that you say it it’s exactly what an trampa feels like lol. I know my snowboards are the same…but it doesn’t feel the same lol

There are mtb without the humps though…if yosimite is not your thing

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