Longboard trucks for Mountainboards

Hi i am looking for Mountain board trucks in EU. What can you recommend?

If u want to just try things out, u can look on ebay or just use other brand mountainboard trucks.

I have tried without results

What are u really searching for? The cheapest will be skate style trucks without springs

eBay is lacking mountainboard trucks in EU. I thin that EU is the defining factor

I actually offer a DIY Off Road kit if you are interested? Anyways, you can check it out at me website: https://pwrboards.com/collections/pwr-train-kits/products/off-road-kit

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Thank you. But we talked about it in private message s for me it’s to expensive.

Oh sorry, I forgot. Are you looking for longboard trucks for off road wheels? Is that understood correctly?

Yes. I seem to like the torqueboard 218mm trucks so i guess its that way i will go. Then i just need to find a eu dealer or simular product

what? his truck setup is a crazy deal! it doesn’t really get cheaper than that

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Theres a groupbuy at the moment i think

That was me trying to setup one. But at the moment we have not got a level 3 in EU

That is simply not true. It costs 133 euro from china. with everything as the same. Even with a doubling of the price (which could be shipping and customs and so on) its still over 30% cheaper

Haven’t seen these before fantastic price for mechanicals & motors all done, what’s the hole pattern, trampa? Axle size? Your design or China import?

Well, I am trying to offer a cheaper and simpler alternative to get more people into the hobby… The hole pattern for the screws is the same as standard old school longboard trucks; 2.5" x 1.625". The hanger size is 42 cm, and the axles are 6cm (the kit includes 4 pneumatic wheels incl 2 pulleys).

Unfortunatly it is not my design, but imported from China. I have made them make some changes to the design though. Ex the strenghtening motor mount cross bars. Without them, the motor mounts would bend and the motor pulleys would drag against the wheels and make the belts slip - that was not optimal :smiley:

I would recommend upgrading the motor wires to bigger gauge wires though, since they are pretty thin. You don’t have to though… Besides that, I think the kit works great.


Do u also offer dampas for these? I heard these trucks are quite springy… just curious whenever handling is improved

I don’t unfortunatly. I may do that in the future though :slight_smile: I dont’t find them to be bad at all, but I am only about 75 kilos. You can tighten the springs to be harder though…