Longer hangers 230mm, 240mm, 250mm

Mid of July. They are on their way to us.

already some pics of them (not rendered?) I wanna see them on a board as soon as you get them :slight_smile:

They look even nicer in real.

Longer hangers are not the answer… the rest of the skate world that is handling orientated is narrowing hangers! :boom: Use the fact you have cnc precision and develop a bevel gear system! Narrower hangers can get you more grip & a decreased turn radius.


What is the point of longer hangers? Look at the longboarding community: pro downhill longboards don’t increase hanger length for stability, in fact they are narrowing.

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For esk8 I like the flexibility of bigger motors and flexibility of street/AT setup. Longer hanger allows for that. Do wider hangers/axels make it less stable at high speeds?

can you estimate a price?

Maybe so but larger axel width for bigger guys helps with durability and Larger axel width help for landing if one chooses to go airborne.

Both trampa and MBS appear to have 10mm and 12mm axels at least for EMTB.

Make the axle long enough to fit an extra bearing!

everything longer than the 218er TB trucks, i would trust an 8mm axle. Sure it´s a bit strange if you still wanna use normal longboard wheels, but for pneus, it´s definitely a good thing and suiting bearings are easy to source.

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Im gonna go with 240mm as this should be wide enough for dual 80mm motors and 15mm belts. With 50mm axels.

Or got 220mm with 80mm long 10 diameter shoulder bolt axles, similar to surf rods. Some amount of the bolt inside the truck. image

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I’d be Happy just by having 218 trucks in EU at an affordable price.

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Nice link, anything matching for spacers?