Looking for 2 brand new focboxes

If you have two at fair price, let me know

@Scoo_B_SK8 has a buy going on

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What’s a fair price? I have two that have a one year warranty on them which started in January that are basically new. Never ran them on my board but I did solder on some 10 gauge wire and 5.5mm bullet connectors. Ran a motor detection successfully afterwards.

You can get two directly from Enertion, They are instock now

Mark up is too high, you should consider this:

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I believe that is AUS currency… $216aud = $167usd(today’s exchange rate).

@Eboosted The price is in AUD by default Also you can get a 10% off coupon from the Live Chat support of Enertion.

This would have been great to know before ordering two from enertion yesterday :frowning:

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