Looking For 4.12 VESC In US

anyone got one? hoping to get it for below retail. doesn’t need to be TB, just a 4.12 pcb


If you want it for the PCB I have bare PCBs I could send you

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nah unfortuanetly I already have plenty of bricked 4.12 pcbs :frowning:

need a fully operational one. thanks for the offer though


I’ve got one… let me check if it’s 4.12

that’d be pretty sweet if you did :slight_smile:

By bricked do you mean drv?

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Would you let go some of them for cheap?

just realized I actually only have 1 bricked vesc left. Its an upgraded enertion vesc I got from @longhairedboy. its trashed. lifted a pad on a phase wire, so soldered to the fet then proceeded to cook the MCU. if anyone still wants it it’s yours for $20 shipped

DRV? I will firstly send mine to repair and if it becomes alive again, i will take yours if its still free

MCU and lifted pad

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I’ve got a bricked maytech (DRV)