Looking for 9mm or 12mm full pulley kit for flywheels

Preferably 36T on the wheel pulley and 14-16T on the motor pulley.

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Diyeskate website has those. There is a user on here that sells 15/36 15mm ones as well


Yeah I was looking at the DIYEskate ones but I am trying to cut down cost by a little bit on those. Thanks though.

What is the size of the wheels? Tom makes those - @Idea

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@DanSkates was selling off the old enertion stock.

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I have 12mm and 9mm Enertion pulleys on stock:

Worldwide shipping
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Hi @sub6ix where are you based? @TarzanHBK can hook you up with wheel pulleys if in EU and @thisguyhere if you’re in the US. Or if you’re in my neck of the woods (Oz) I can hook you up!


I am based in the US. I am wondering if the Enertion pulleys work on my 10” Caliber II trucks without me cutting away part of it. I have generic 83mm flywheels.