Looking for a 12s battery

Long time reader, first time builder here. I’m working on a dual belt drive e-mountain board at the moment. I’ve got my mounts, gears, belts and two 6374 torque boards motors. A Unity on the way and I ordered a bench wheel remote and receiver last week that I’m waiting on a shipping notification for. For the most part, I’ve just gotta get my battery sorted out (I think). All of this is going on an MBS Pro 100 deck that I’d like to top mount the battery to to keep it safer but I can’t seem to find a 12s4p or higher in a stacked configuration. I’ve been looking at the torque boards 12s4p and enclosure but don’t know how that would hold up on the underside of a mountainboard (wouldn’t fit up top). I’m open to doing a bottom enclosure and/or building my own but don’t know where to begin on one that would work with the boards slight flex or the right BMS to run with the unity.

Any advice either way would be much appreciated, this forum’s been awesome for resources so far.

I can build you a custom 12s4p if you would like!

I may be interested in that, do you have a ballpark on price?


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lmao give MH a chance :joy:

It looks like he probably already PMd him

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Haha l sorry didn’t even read his comment

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haha, I’m open to all options.