Looking for a 20 tooth motor sprocket but can't seem to find one

Does anybody know where I can buy a 20 tooth sprocket with 5mm pitch. I have been buying the kits off DIY but the biggest he offers is a 16 to 36. I just want to switch out my 16s for 20. Hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction or maybe somebody knows who custom makes them. Thanks guys for any info.

Why do you want such a high ratio? You’ll have almost no torque. Unless you’re trying to go 50+ mph, I don’t see the point…

That being said, check this link. https://shop.sdp-si.com/catalog/?cid=p346&filter=a0%3A2%3A5%20mm%20(HTD)%3Ba6%3A2%3A20.0%3Ba25%3A2%3A8.0&sort=undefined&view=table

And this one has some other options in plastic https://shop.sdp-si.com/catalog/?cid=p347&filter=a0%3A2%3A5%20mm%20(HTD)%3Ba25%3A2%3A8.0&sort=undefined&view=table

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Like penny said, why do you need one that large? That aside, beltingonline.com has all the pulleys you can eat, and they’ll customize the bore, keyway and setscrews for you. Not the cheapest supplier, but they ship fast and they have all the oddball sizes and types.

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I believe Torqueboards has 18 and 20t pullies.

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Can’t find the 18t anymore but here are the 20t pullies


Btw i recoment changing your wheel pulley before your motor pulley.

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I just bought two of these.

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DIY has them, I’ve got 2 extras. If they are out let me know.

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Would this work.

I am using this pulley. The reason why I am using this 20t pulley is because I purchased a hub motor esc with a limit rpm. 10s 15t/40t 200kv dual motor 97 mm wheels only got me around 15mph. With 20/40t pulley system 10s 200kv dual motor got me up to like 22pmh.

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Don’t waste your time going elsewhere… is always ‘Aluminum Fest’ all year around. Next time go to Eskating :point_left: …(inside, more great items you cannot believe). They are in Italy. I ordered my STEEL motor pulleys there…all custom made. Got them in less than 20 days to California! My two pulleys were just €28 Euro, shipment included. Pure steel. Solid like a rock. You can even smell the weight!


Get in their website, sign in for an E-Account, become a costumer and start ordering your steel pulleys there. You wont regret it.

at their site you got to Choose:

Width (9mm, 12mm or 15mm wide belt); Bore (8mm or 10mm wide shaft); Teeth (12T, 14T, 15T, 16T, 18T or 20 teeth); Set Screws (1xM4, 2xM4 or 1xM5 screws); Overhang (with, or without the overhang lip).

Don’t waste your time searching the entire planet for those impossible (to get) motor pulleys that almost always come from China, are made of aluminum and their teeth wear down after a couple hundred miles. Eskating fast, great service, great quality. Great company (Alberto Ferrer is the name of the guy who runs it in Italy) Completely satisfied (link)… :point_down:



I think i might go with these! So much great info from everyone here. I guess im just experimenting with the gearing and i forgot to add i bought these for dual setup. products/36t-abec-pulley-combo-kit

I have ordered a bunch from them. Shipping is steep but they are fast!

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Thanks for all the info guys. Im using Maytech 6355 motors and the motors did not come with the keyway. Anyone by chance know where i can order these from also? I feel like such a rookie but hey we all start somewhere i guess.


https://www.amazon.com/Loctite-442-21443-Retaining-Compound-Strength/dp/B000O01EU6 Use this. It will glue the pulley in place. Just use a torch to remove. If you search the form tou will Finns more about it.

Do you mean it doesn’t have the slot for the key or it doesn’t have the key (little block of steel). I think @torqueboards sells keys

you can’t order a keyway :rofl:

what you can do is this:

  1. grab metal file
  2. clamp motor in vice (PLEASE don’t bend the can)
  3. file a flat spot of the shaft so you don’t need a key

i personally don’t use keys, 2 flatspots is perfectly fine for me


Where you seeing this?

I got it on eBay.

Hey. Are you looking for this? If so PM me cause I don’t think I’ll be using it.