Looking for a 280-5M-15 belt in EU

The description says it all. I need help finding this belt i cant find a good site. I basically have my board done i just bought a 265mm belt insted of 280 Sadly.

Quick search on eBay pulled up this…

Thank you for quick response. This one does not ship to Denmark where i live.

Thank you very much

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Are you sure it doesn’t ship to Denmark? I bopught it and waiting for it to Sweden.

Yes it does not list denmark as a shipping destination

Thank you but it is from China. But I found a solution I bought one belt from one of the UK links above and bought 5 extra belt fra aliexpress

maybe you can have try here ,https://vbeltoutlet.com/htd-280-5m-timing-belt-56-teeth.html/

I think he might have found it in the 2 year gap