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Looking for a boosted board dual + AUS

Hi guys I’m looking for a boosted board dual + for scientific perposes to pull apart and really work on improving the DIY community, any one wanting to sell or swap for an enertion gear let me know.

Does anyone on this forum even own a boosted board? I doubt it considering this forum is targeted towards diy. What exactly are you trying to gain from dissecting a boosted board dual +?

There will be a few ppl who would have purchase one and not been happy with top speed ect,

To gain, well personal satisfaction, a bit of knowledge about the remote and speed controller, and look at potential upgrades in speed and performance.

Then share this information hoping to help others.

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for science.

I don’t think upgrades are really possible. The speed controller/motors and voltage they can run at are limiting factors of speed. If you can run them at a higher voltage, you’ll get more speed, but then again, they would have put that in the board to begin with. Unless you replace motors and the speed controller, which will result in a decrease in range, or replace the battery with a higher voltage battery, which might break the motors and/or speed controller, there’s not much that can be done to make it better. That’s why, if you want a better board, buy a better board or make your own. There’s enough information and help here for anyone to be able to build there own board with custom specs, like top speed, with little tools and no experience.

Im on my 12th board in 2 and a half years, currently have a enertion complete carbon deck, have developed my own hub motors and try my best to contribute to the community as much as I can. Want the boosted board because some one els will always do some thing different that you haven’t thought of yet. I think even Benjamin Vedder would be happy playing with one for a time. The diy community is amazing but still not every thing is refined or available yet.

I have seen a few on ebay. usually the singles or std dual drive.
My son has a dual+ but that is his college transportation. I have been working on a add-a-pack for him to boost range.
Don’t know of anyone that has hacked the electronics yet.

Check this out if you havent already.
I found it super interesting im actually basing my net build on the boosted board. deck is on the way!