Looking for a complete board|UK

Looking to buy a complete new/ v. Good condition board either single or dual motors . Has to have good top speed (at least 20mph) and decent range. I’m located in the UK Thanks!

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What part of the UK, i might be able to build one for you.

Around london

I could build a board in mid janurary for you but the specs depends on your budget

Around £800 or less

Are you in a rush or anything?

Not necessarily as I already have an e-board to get around, but of course would like a build as quick as possible. What’s the longest it could take?

Well i did a group buy for loads of eboard parts so you’ll get the best parts possible.

I can either build a full eboard including a deck of your choice or i can build a kit for you so you can replace the parts for your current kit

Yes, it would be a completely new build

Shoot me a pm man!

If you are still looking for a board pm me, I can help.

Can I jump in on this thread? (Sorry, new to the forum).

I’m also looking for a board, I’m UK based with around the same budget as OP!

hey nick, check my site @ http://www.unikboards.com - I got almost everything is stock; shipping the next hour !