Looking for a deck + enclosure (EU)


Since my current order of deck + enclosure got cancelled due to shipping problems I’m looking for new options!

  • For the deck, I’m looking for all offers, preferably 30+ inches

  • For the enclosure, I’m trying to fit a 2s4p N.E.S.E module in there so 200mm of width or somewhere around that range would be great! Alternatively, if you know some place where I could buy such an enclosure from a site, I would be more than thankful. I could not find any that sells an enclosure with such width.

Especially interested in used equipment, but it’s not that important.

If you have anything or know anyone, then hit me up! :slight_smile:

Well i’m selling a few decks over here https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/uk-landyachtz-decks-diyeboard-crap-loaded-vanguard/87126

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@bigben enclosure


I have a pintail deck, with a 3d printed (modular one) enclosure, it can fit a 10s4p and plenty of electronics hit me up if you want some pic, i’m in eu too

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