Looking for a good deal on TSG Pass Carbon black with red logo

Hey guys, I’m going to be traveling to USA soon and I wonder if anyone has found a place when I could get it at lower-than-retail-price.

I was planing to join the GB but that’s gonna take a while and I need to have it delivered next weekend.

I already checked:

Muirskate.com, they don’t have the black one only the white. daddiesboardshop.com US$ 479.45 (they only have retail price) Amazon.com they don’t have medium size :sob:

I know of only one place personally.

edit apologies I am not sure of where retail pricing is at. I just saw this yesterday on his site. Send him a pm you never know…


All the best.

Thanks man!

I did find that Helmet on Amazon, I was looking for the carbon version, CAnýt find it anywhere in medium

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It is not in the USA but sickboards hooked me up! Super awesome support there.

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snowbitch.com has carbon but no medium S/L/XL https://www.snowbitch.com/helmet-tsg-pass-carbon-solid-color-carbon-black183/d-208989/

Here is the TSG sizing chart (pass is full face at bottom) https://www.ridetsg.com/resources/14_sizing_charts_helmets_website_72dpi.pdf

I too am probably a medium, coming from motorbikes I know a 56-57cm size probably would fit best(S/M?) - that’s my Schuberth size anyway.

But I’ve taken a chance on a small - 54-56 cm / 21.3-22” from Snowbitch & according to the sizing chart from TSG. I think they have removable cheek pads which may get me some extra room.

Will update to let you know when it arrives, I may have to return and order something else, I really like these and I guess it’s important to hear whats around when on a esk8 unlike a MC where you are trying to elmininate noise due to high speed and save your hearing!

My head is 58cm, so I’m on the top limit of the medium which runs between 56-58cm, as there was no medium carbon anywhere, I chose the Large, I’ve heard Tsg runs smaller, some suggest to go one size up, so that’s what I did.

I’m really hoping it’ll fit good

Mmmm now I’m questioning whether I should change to large :ok_hand:

This is my favorite local skate shop. The owner is very cool.


What diameter was your head? How snug does it fit? Snug enough to fit the helmet with one hand?

Haven’t got it yet will let you know probably Wednesday delivery, I’m about a 56cm

56cm should be on the lower limit of the Medium, so you should be good. Please keep us updated with the fitment review

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I’m a 61.5… it’s impossible to find helmets that fit perfectly. I hope the pass xl fits me or I’m doomed.

Thanks, dude! I’ve been looking for one of these for a while. Just ordered.

Adrenalina is like a mom and pop shop. The owner Pablo works the counter during the week. He’s really good people. Manny works the counter on the weekends. They are both downhill riders and really know how to set up a board for speed with stability. They have helped me a lot setting up my boards.

Just got mine!!!

This thing is freaking beautiful!


So nice! I’m getting one next season! Where did you buy ut from?

What size? How does it fit? From where?!

I bought it from amazon at $400 including taxes

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@Eboosted hey brotha! I own this helmet and it runs small compared to other TSG Pass’. The Carbon Pass is literally a size smaller than normal. I ALWAYS wear medium size helmets for my tiny head, but for this particular helmet… I wear a LARGE. I’d double check amazon for a size L that will fix your medium sized head :metal::sunglasses:

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@DaviDjembe my head was 58cm so in paper I was suppose to use the M, but there were no M anywhere so I went with the Large one, hope it fits good.

I’m located in Lima Peru so I still need to wait for the helmet to arrive from USA Texas.

I’ll post pictures and review the fitment upon arrival

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