Looking for a new board

I am looking for my first electronic skateboard. I have recently moved to Florida from NY and I am looking to keep the speed I’m used to on my downhill longboard. Any recommendations? Looking to spend under $1500.

if you can stretch your budget a bit i’d go with @longhairedboy

he’ll make you a fully custom board. and he’s a fellow floridian!


I feel like we are live ads @GrecoMan


oh well lol…

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@willpark16 has a dope board for sale that would be a steal at this price


That board is definitely a steal and very good just don’t know if it’s good to start in probably is not sure I just think it’s a beast with those specs(am just paranoid with speed I guess ) it’s probably good to start in if you play with the settings

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This one or @willpark16, I am also selling one but it’s not beginner friendly with lipos I order a 12s4p tho would have to increase price mine probably 900$ With 12s4p