Looking for a poor man’s version of the Kaly NYC Helical gear set


I’m looking to build a poor man’s version of this set. I realize quality is likely to be lower but looking for suggestions:

Here’s what I’m after:

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Russian gear drive now with mounts for Matrix 2 trucks
  • Matrix 2 trucks
  • Some 170kv motors that would work well for the above (any suggestions? The Flipsky ones seem sold out)
  • The easiest version of VESC there is (Focbox? Something else?)

I have my deck, enclosure and a 12S5P 40T combo all set so guidance on this final part is appreciated! If I could afford that Kaly NUC set I’d do it but looking for a poor man’s version. Some of my game plan is there but if you think I can do better or have another suggestion please share. Thanks in advance!

the Chinese haven’t started cloning this stuff yet, so no cheap / good alternatives.

Have a look at those sexy moon drives


And here some prototypes


They are available for Matrix2 trucks as well and the metal mounting case definitely helps that your motors do not overheat so fast if you ride hard.

Moon drives? I’d never heard of them. Will have to investigate more. Do you have them?

Yes i do have. One set for trampa trucks and one for Matrix2, but the straight cut gears. They are now available with helical gears as well.

You can find more about them on the news forum. There is a long thread about them.

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The main advantage of helical version is being quieter, right?

Quieter and in theory stronger, but your motors need to handle more sideway load. So there come not only pluses with it.

Any motor recommendations based on that increased sideways load?

I guess you already up in the other thread. I‘m sure people over there will give you good recommendations. 170-190kV 6374 motors with 8mm shaft and keyway is a good start point