Looking for a Pre-Built Battery for my first board

Hi I am looking for a pre-built battery for my diy board. Parts list is below, looking for something in the range of 10000mah or higher if possible. Thanks in advance :smile:

Parts (That have already been purchased):

  • DIY’s 190kv Motor
  • VESC
  • DIY’s Motor Mount Set + Wheels
  • Nano Remote also from DIY
  • Custom built Wooden Board 102ish cm

I know this isn’t the best value I could have gotten, I have only found this site recently after all the purchases were made. Maybe next time.

Edit: Thought it would be good to mention that I am willing to connect two different batteries to increase voltage.

@barajabali is the resident battery guy, hit em up.

Or be patient and try building your own. Its not too bad but requires research and time.

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@thisguyhere I am currently a student, so unfortunately I cannot afford to buy the tools needed to build my own battery :confused:

I have a space cell 3 10s3p, diy 10s3p, and a homemade space cell 10s3p and all have been great so far with no issues. Its nice being able to plig and play with little worry.

@ATLesk8 I can’t seem to find the SPACE cells online anymore. Do you know anywhere to buy them? Maybe even the SPACE cell Pro?

Yeah i think enertion is done with parts and has moved onto the raptor 2 only understandably. You can occasionally find them used on here. I will say it isn’t necessarily the nicest pack around, however the integrated enclosure with the meter and switch is really nice and professional/snazzy looking. Keep an eye out on here or hit up @willpark16 as he is currently building me a 10s3p space cell like battery and i got one like this from him previously and I’ve been very happy…he may hate me now for sending requests his way but he’s a young buck

@barajabali from what I hear makes great packs

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@Photorph Unfortunately he doesn’t ship to Australia

Haha don’t mind and So far I’ve done 6 and 10s packs I’m slowly starting to expand my buisness and will eventually legitimize it @HaydenA pm me ur requirements because I’m about to order some bms tomorrow from besttech

Hey man are you in Oz? If so I might use your services to.

@Fazz2608 If he can ship to Aus (And doesn’t live here) do you want to combine orders to split the shipping cost?

Maybe man just depends what the costs are and if he can do what I’m after.

I’m in California

What is it you are looking for?

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California is probably too far to make it cheap enough. I’m after a 12s4p.

And to do a 12s4p let me check on shipping

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@willpark16 hey I messaged you about building about what kind of cells you’re using. I live in california and I’m looking to build my first board!

Oh I dont believe I received that but I have hg2 I can use any cell though

Sorry I’m new, just trying to figure where the pm thing is lol

No worries I’ll pm you