Looking for a pro thought about parts I'm using

Hi everyone I’m looking for a feedback from this pro/amazing community keep in mind that I never even ridden a skateboard in my life so i’m not looking to build a performance monster only something to ride to work from the train station and back mostly flat surfaces slight hills also i’m a pretty DIY nerd and an Eboard seems like a good project so here are the parts Motor: 170KV 6374 sensored, high efficiency https://www.ebay.com/itm/C6374-high-efficience-brushless-motor-170KV-for-electric-skateboard-longboard/322890750486?hash=item4b2dc9da16:g:im0AAOSwdjdaEF3c pulleys and such: 15T motor pulley 36T wheel drive and a 270mm/10mm belt on 83mm wheels ESC: the ebay one you can find in all chinese board (i’ve red on this forum that it is a great starter for noobs like me)

2x 3s 5000mah lipo battery with 30c rating in series to get a 6s battery and a cheapo BMS only for charging Please be gentle :slight_smile: PS: sorry for my english

Looks ok for a first build. That motor is a little weak as 6374s go, it’s essentially a 6355 with an oversized can. Plus the shaft is 10mm which is uncommon and the phase wires look very thin. I’d go for a different 6374.

thanks, all the parts are already on the way but in the future i’ll upgrade the motor maybe even a dual motors setup I know the 10mm shaft is weird but I talked to the seller and he fitted me a pulley set for that motor so everything will fit

170kv with 6s is not that fast: http://esk8.it/#{"batt-type-lipo":1,"batt-cells":6,"motor-kv":170,"system-efficiency":85,"motor-pulley-teeth":15,"wheel-pulley-teeth":36,"wheel-size":83}|

I don’t know this ESC, for upgrade I would suggest V4.12, then you could increase voltage to e.g. 10S.

Really? That’s cheating :angry:

I would learn how to ride and foot brake before adding the motor :wink:

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I was going for a slow build in the first place I also was planning to practice before attaching the motor of corse. What is it V4.12?

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VESC 4.12 10 char

your parts are too cheap. not in price. in quality.

practice on a regular board. keep researching. shipping is going to take forever anyways…

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Thank you for the input I know all my component are cheap but before I spent 800$ on a build I wanted to make sure I can handle the ride as I’m not an experienced rider. This is a “test” build to see if i like the idea I’ve already riden my longboard and I like it alot its kind of addicting haha and I’m starting to feel comftroble with the ride (I live by the sea and i’m already starting to fell like casey neistat) My next build will be worthyo of its own post with glory shots (proper VESC, 10S battery and a decent motor)