Looking for a small remote (Netherlands)

Looking for a modded GT2B or a Nano-X. I don’t want a winning, because of the bad reviews.

Do u know which one u like better - thumb (slider) control or trigger control?

Check it. There’s two sources right away

Doesn’t matter that much to me, either one has benefits. The protoboards one doesn’t look that good to be honest, so I won’t choose that one.

By the way it doens’t matter if it’s new or second hand, just want the thing to work :slight_smile:

If u can wait u can order from china but i believe some tax may be added on top of that (customs)

Other than that - wish u luck searching for one in eu! :wink:

Or check esk8.de for a bit pricier mini remote (i believe costs similar when tax is added to the one imported from china)

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Hey, get a GT2B with a SPARKLE mod :slight_smile:

or u ask the seller if he can put 20 euro on the box instad of the real price and u dont have to pay tax

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Do you have them for sale? I think user wants a ‘‘ready made solution’’ and does not want to fiddle with placing the parts and all of that :slight_smile:

Would have recommended you, if I knew you have them for sale as complete remotes.

I got a benchwheel from Aliexpress which frees pretty good in the hand. Not finished build yet so cant comment on use.

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thanks mate ! If that helps, I could make one or two on my spare time. Don’t really know how much that could be sold.

Just make it more appealing than to order from esk8(de) :smiley: as there’s also a shipping cost on top of that :smiley: then you should be competetive enough… not sure can you do that taking into consideration the wage / hour factor of France salaries / pay! :wink:

Would at least get a lil bit more promo for your remote design! :smiley: Who knows… maybe someone takes it up and starts producing your remotes later on haha :smiley:

I’m going to get some mini remote as well on unikboards.com, just to provide EU buyers with more options at a lower price.

For this remote, this is nothing to do with a “business” otherwise I would not have released the STL. At the end of the day, if I got few hours and it’s raining outside; I will assemble one or two and sell them at cost, just to help people that don’t have DIY skills/soldering whatever :slight_smile:

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@unik Nice! I also think (have this sort of mindset)… that at least in the beginning money should not be the 1st priority… we should ‘‘equip’’ as many eboard riders as we can with the ‘‘equipment/parts’’ and then we (some) ppl/company’s can start focusing on money and other stuff (like new product creation)…

So thanks / appreciate, that you have this mindset… I hope you and @ThomasRBK can work something out, if he is willing to buy the remote from you and you find the time to assemble it :slight_smile:

yeah, I may even assemble one for him at cost price. Never leave a new esk8 builder along the road.

@ThomasRBK which color do you want? :slight_smile: is black OK for you?

Show him how it looks, unless, he has already seen it:

I believe it is a bit more ‘‘comfortable’’ / smaller in the hand compared to the BWolf mod, right?

Yeah black’s okay man! What would the estimated cost be? As I don’t want to spend that much money for the remote only. Thanks in advance!

I think GT2B remote costs a bit more in general… at least compared to mini remote or benchwheel…

It could cost similar to nano-x… but I dont have the exact price list in front of me…

I believe GT2B ‘‘alone’’ costs from 20-25 eur? (excluding shipping) Then to 3d print the enclosure (unless you do it yourself), ship it to your adress, you need to add about 10-15 eur more?

Then, if you dont assemble it yourself, you may add an extra 5-10 Eur at least + the shipping…

So total cost could be around 50-60 Eur non the less… similar to benchweel / nano-x / mini from esk8.de site…

[Edit] Someone can correct me on the right numbers but I think it comes close to 50eur anyways, unless you got 3d printer at home and do the assembly yourself (risk of messing up :smiley: )

that’s raw price for you; so it’s GT2B (35€) that I need to order + 10/15 euros for the print (around) and 0 for assembly. I have just updated the print price. This is half that you can find on 3D hubs.

you just need to include shipping to your door.

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Shipping is to the Netherlands, I don’t know where you’re located so I can’t see how much that’ll be. Is it really that hard to assemble the GT2B, or can I do this myself? Because I think I can use my school’s 3D printer for free, or a small fee.

it’s not hard ! go man !!! you have the STL on thingiverse. At least give it a try.