Looking for a used 190kv 6355 sensored motor

A torqueboards motor would be preferred but any brand should be okay as long as it is small enough to fit 2 on caliber trucks. Also looking for 36t wheel pulley and 12mm 16t motor pulley. I would like shipping to be within the USA to make things easier

What kind of wheel pulley?

Sorry didn’t specify material . Aluminum for wheel and steel for motor pulley. Abec for wheel

Oh ok. I have both but in the UK

I’m out of town right now, but I have a TB 6355 that has less than 30 miles on it, but is really scratched up because of how close to the ground it was and the quality of the roads near me.

Once I get back, I’ll post pics and a video of it working on the bench (I don’t have a deck to put it on right now).

I can give it to you fo $50 shipped, including sensor wires. Also, I believe I soldered on different bullet connectors, but I’ll have to check on that.

I’ll also check the width and the number of teeth on the pulley I have on it, if those fit, I’ll send it plus the keyway for $60 total.

Oh cool dude. I’m really interested take your time for the pics. No rush :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ll be back in town on next Monday, so expect pictures around Tuesday if someone hasn’t sold to you yet

Still looking for motor and pulleys