Looking for a vesc in ny ASAP

Is there anyone near NY (NYC) with a spare vesc that they would like to sell asap?

@scepterr any ideas?

@Kaly is in the big Apple and might be able to help you.

Don’t have any to spare right now…next week I will

Agh I fried my drv chip and I ordered another vesc from chaka but its taking more than 2 weeks and im going crazy without an eskate and its just been on my mind 24/7

I have maytech 4.12, but not in the States. shipping by DHL to you need 5 days or less

I ordered a vesc from Chaka over a month ago and it still hasn’t shipped. Good luck.

Just send him a PM, he’lol get you sorted out

I have been in contact by email. They said shortage of supplies for capacitors. Supposed to be shipping soon…

I’m tellin you bro, send him a PM on here. If he doesn’t have the supplies to make vescs, he can’t make vescs

Yea… thats what he told me after pm on here and email contact

Sorry to dig this up again, but has anyone had any updates on VESC orders? I ordered 5 weeks ago and it hasn’t shipped yet. I got an update over 2 weeks ago saying they would ship later that week… which didn’t happen I guess. Is this normal for Chaka?

I ordered last friday and he said via PM that he would be current with orders by the end of this week. He mentioned that he had a huge orders from MIT and other schools that wanted his vesc for robotics. Apparently they were racing to build enough Vesc to fill orders for the start of the semester. I am not trying to wait a month+ for a vesc so I hope chaka isnt lying.

Yea I really hope he isnt lying too, its been almost a month and i really need my vesc, i havent really ridden in almost 2 months

I feel it man, It’s getting cold here, and I just want to ride my new carvon v3s.

Man Ive been literally thinking about it everyday, i bitch to my friends all the time bc of it lol

Thanks for the update @STREETSURFER. I really hope he gets back on track too and they ship this week.

@ARetardedPillow, I KNOW! I haven’t ridden in about a month and a half and the weather has been perfect that whole time, its driving me absolutely nuts.

Oh my god I KNOW THAT FEELING, weather is perfect for riding but no i have to go to school with my bike and get there all sweaty and disgusting

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Chaka takes a while. The product is good but you’re gonna wait for it. I don’t have a spare VESC atm but you can probably get a maytech in a week or so off ebay

@faithfulpuppy I hadn’t thought of that, that’s a good idea to invest in a spare. Though I feel like as soon as the one from Chaka comes in, I’ll never need the spare again