Looking for a xt90 female to dual xt60 connector

Im trying to connect my dual foc box’s (xt60 female based on what ive read) to my 12s4p battery from diyelectricskateboard (xt90 male by the looks of it)

so i basically need a xt90 female to a dual xt60 male

Pretty simple to made.


Just make one using a soldering iron.

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just using regular solder? or do i have to have a special type? what about an anti spark plug?

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I am not a expert on solder but in our DIY electric skateboard need we could use regular solders.


Yea. I made a parallel connector with one xt90 and two xt60s using regular solder and then wrapped with electric tape and heatshrink tubing

Haven’t made an anti spark switch yet


This is a good little vid for you. Just use your female xt90 for the battery where he uses an XT60

They do sell them though.