Looking for alternative Enclosure for my 10s2p Meepo Sanyo Battery

I have a Meepo Sanyo battery, 10s2p that I’m looking to put to use, but I really don’t like the enclosures offered form Meepo and DIYEboard. Does anyone know if any of the Pschyotiller enclosures will work with this battery? Or if not where else I can get some enclosures that would fit maybe the battery + esc?


Battery dimensions: (roughly) 145mm length * 102mm width * 40mm thickness

if you give me a sketch and some time i can vac form close to anything

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That would be awesome, what kind of sketch are you thinking? The actual battery can be found here: https://meepoboard.com/products/sanyo-20700b-battery-pack-10s2p-custom-made

But I’ll do anything i can to make this process easier

I’ll try to conceptualize something by this evening

it’ll take a while and be a bit expensive since i’ll have to custom make the mold by hand. if it’s a relatively simple mold that I can do with a miter saw or tools like that it’ll be cheaper and quicker

Yeah I mean I don’t need anything fancy, I really just want to get something smaller than the enclosures offered from diyeboard.com

I saw this enclosure from PsychoKiller, which is a good example of what I would need (minus the grooves, just a simple enclosure) but the dimensions are not compatible with my battery,

I’m looking for one too!

Looking for the same thing. I have two of these batteries, so really looking for a double enclosure.

We are currently working on a modular enclosure system 3D printed. It can be sized to fit any board and actually holds your battery and components in place Thoughts? image image image image image


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what material are you making these from

The print guy has changed the material to add flex. Just so I don’t give the wrong info, I’m checking with him real quick. I do know I will have a prototype in hand for a better look mid week.

PETG , but can be with other materials.

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