Looking for an SK3 6374 192KV motor shipped to Canada [NO LONGER NEED]

as the title says; im looking for a turnigy sk3 192kv motor…theyve been out of stock for ages and i need a second one for my dual build since i already have one… i know theyre selling 192kv sensored motors rn but having 2 different motors would be an eyesore and im not even sure how well they would run together… shipping would be to Newmarket, Ontario.

Get a Turnigy SK8 instead.


like i said, i have an sk3 and im trying to pair it with another sk3…i dont want the eyesore of 2 different motors…and im not running over CAN im running split ppm so id prefer to have 2 identical motors

why not buy 2 and sell your sk3

because its easier and cheaper to buy one for 85 bucks(new) than it is to sell one for probably 60 then buy two for 195… my thread is looking for an sk3 not an sk8.

It may be my inner conspiracy theorist, but Ive got a feeling that hobbyking held off ordering stock for the sk3s to build up a bit of backdated demand they could then fill with their new Sk8 motor sets. I would hazard a guess that the SK3s will be back in stock in a couple of weeks.

Best of luck with your search for a SK3.


yeah i was thinking the same thing… hoping we’re wrong though

sound like good business not conspiracy

i wouldnt call it good business…the motors are used for hobby planes before theyre made for esk8…so they would be discontinuing a product for one hobby market altogether if that was the case

I think the contrary. To me the SK8 is clear evidence these motors are made by Hobby King specifically for the Esk8 in mind.

i caved and bought one :joy:

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