Looking for Bergmeister wheels

I’m looking for Bergmeister wheels. They can’t ship until April 10th will buy any color

I’m from FRANCE not sure it’s gonna be a good deal,… but let me maybe check what I can get (how long and how much shipping will be) to Orlando, Florida … :slight_smile:

btw they’re black

Keep me updated please

This is what I find : CaptureHW So I could put the set at 150€, so you get the set at +/-200€ shipped ?

What is the shipping time? I’m sorry I only know English

If I refer about the delay noted here (détails on the pic), it says J+3 , it’s D+3 I guess, so it says about 3 days for the faster to 10 days for the longer I would say…

I got a set i can let go