Looking for better custom battery for a Carbon GT

Not only is my Evolve battery pack weak, it’s also broken ( the plug where the UART cable connects fell of for the second time) , so i’m Looking for a new battery pack but also a better one with if possible a bit more range and quality. Is anyone already selling those or is able to make a reliable pack that will be able to just plug and ride and not have any problems?


@longhairedboy is on the move right now but I know he builds them. Maybe @barajabali?


@longhairedboy does awesome evolve battery mods


@longhairedboy @barajabali, are any of you doing this? i’d love to discuss an order!

Im sorry, I am not. I don’t have the time to take on this order at the moment.

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Where are you located? @OlivierDud

I highly recommend you wait for @longhairedboy to get back up and running, you send him your board, he puts a battery in it, sends it back, and your riding again

France! I know it’s far but I feel like even,with US shipping it’s goinf to be worth it.

@longhairedboy’s site says he doesn’t ship overseas but I don’t know if that applies to custom requests like this.

unfortunately the hazardous materials requirements for shipping big battery packs are such that its simply too expensive to be worth it. Shipping a GT to the UK for example would cost as much or more as the service fee I charge. Shipping one of my own boards to the UK cost $400. I did it once, will not do it again.

It’s stupid, but they don’t like putting those things on planes or boats. You can thank the hoverboard fires of yesteryear.

I’m losing sooooo much business because of it. I could be doing this full time already if i wasn’t so hamstrung by fucking shipping requirements. My biggest barriers are volume and pack size. I don’t produce enough to get a logistics contract to lower the cost, and my margins aren’t thick enough to include international shipping into the model, and i’m not fucking paying a factory in China to build my boards, so i’m basically stuck with Continental US, Canada, and Mexico.