Looking for boosted board v2 esc

I was playing around with the internals and forget to seal up the esc properly on my boosted board v2, water got in and now my esc wont work properly. Im willing to sell the esc if anyone wants it it still turns on but no power to motors. I’m looking for a replacement esc preferably one off a used boosted board. But if its possible I wouldnt mind atempting a vesc replacement. If someone has tried this could you help me out.

Ive tried to contact boosted board via email to try to buy an esc off of them but it seems like they just have an automated answering bot replying. So I’m not too confident I can even buy one from them but im going to call and see how that goes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

IMG_20181026_042906298 IMG_20181026_042844782 IMG_20181026_042756565

Did Boosted ever sell you a ESC? The V2 is pretty modular so I think that is possible.

Were you ever able to replace the esc? I want to ride my board in semi wet conditions (avoiding puddles) while I wait to build my diy.

So I never did get a esc from boosted. They were only interested in trouble shooting my problem. Therefore I parted out my board and went the diy route. I still have an oem v2 boosted battery with only a few hundred miles on it if anyone is interested. I can also show my diy build if anyone is curious. Although stinger165 seems to have a good looking example of a replacement for the boosted.

Standard range? How much are you looking for?

Its standard range and with boosted charger I’m looking for $150. Battery alone $125.