Looking for Budget e-skate parts!

Hi everyone,

If anyone has used motors, pulleys, literally anything they don’t use anymore and are willing to sell, shoot me a pm. Also, parts you want to sell that are new/only tested, hit me up.

  • Single drive Rest to be determined.

Looking to build a electric skateboard using decent quality parts for as cheap as possible.

I live in the Netherlands btw

Thank you for your time!

What is your budget?

~350 euros. Can be stretched if it will really give me more benefits.

Your after everything? You have nothing? No deck, wheels, trucks?

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I do have a penny board but I don’t think I can use parts of that. So no

Why don’t you just get e meepo/wowgo or something similar to that?

You really should be spending that on just your deck, wheels, trucks…

Exactly what I was looking at prices for within Europe. €350 is not going to get you much out of a DIY build. You will be buying low quality Chinese parts anyway, so may as well get them to make it all for you too.

I’m leaning towards something like this

I honestly think you’ll have more fun with a meepo style board : )

I spent more on my battery alone. Almost that just on two focbox and case. Keep in mind his price list didn’t seem to include shipping and everything on his list was really cheap.

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I agree, get a pre made china board. But if you really want to diy one then it can be done. But expect the pay more than you think it will cost.

Don’t listen to what everyone says budget boards can be very good. If made correctly and made with the right parts.

Here is the build thread of two of my budget builds. I would recommend the second build for that budget, and swapping the trucks and mount for the HobbyKing ones as well as their pulley kit. The wheels can also be upgraded to a larger size for a more comfortable ride. I am estimating the price of my board to be somewhere around $450 Australian or about 300 euros

Ps sorry for the info on the boards being so spread out, I didn’t expect to have to wait so long on parts. That board is currently going strong and used as my guests board. It does about 40km/h and 20km range which is plenty for me

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My first build was really good and spent about 600-700 dollars

@leroy 55 bucks? How are the brakes?

Well, today is your lucky day. I’m just about to post everything here for sale:

Caliber Trucks (White/Gold) - £40 for pair + Postage

GT2B rc remote and reciever - £18 + Postage (You can 3d print smaller case for this)

Full motor mount plus truck clamp from Alien Power Systems £25 + postage

Focbox - £100 + Postage

6473 Alien Power Systems 200Kv Motor, with pulley and keyway (worth £115) - £40 + Postage

Brand new SK3 150Kv 6374 motor, boxed - £45 + Postage

4 Flywheel style 90mm wheels - £15 + Postage

4 Slick Revolution 83mm wheels - £15 + Postage

Osprey deck (Stiff) + Fibreglass enclosure (Benclosures) with predrilled holes and hardware/gasket, including 10s LCD screen bonded in place - £50 + Postage

Alien Power Systems wheel pulley (Flywheel style)… outer ring missing and the part the ring screws to has broken bolts stuck in, HOWEVER, the pulley has stayed in place with zero issue. The outer ring is not needed. - £10 + postage

The total for everything listed if bought separately is £358. Obiously when bought new, it cost me way more than that.

If you pick one of the motors, and take everything else I’ll sell for £250 + postage and the belt is thrown in too. You basically only need a battery and some bearings. Enclosure is perfect for 10s4p size. The Focbox alone will sell for £100 in a heartbeat. If I can sell it all in one go it’d obviously be more preferable.

All items are used except for the SK3 motor. All work and will be sold as seen. Some parts obviously have some wear on them as they’ve come off a dismantled skateboard.

I have built another smaller 30inch eskate that I use more regularly and Im going to build an ebike with the funds I get from selling these parts.


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