Looking for Caliber 2 motor mounts. I live in the US. 63mm motor

Looking for Caliber 2 motor mounts. I live in the US. Was looking for something cheaper than a 60$ enertion mount. I need it to fit a 63mm motor

I have mine available, has an idler too :slight_smile:

my current favorite budget motor mount is @Korryh’s mounts. Super well made and beefy, plus a fair bit cheaper.


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PM with pics and price please

Did a search for motor mounts, found these on the first page…

Regarding vendor motor mounts, there’s these options… https://psychotiller.com/products/shop/motor-mounts category/electric-skateboard-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-mount/ https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/?category=Mounts


Hi can any one tell me please how to get my motor straight the belt keep touching the wheel and spoiling them and the screw keep falling out,I spend more time fix stuff than riding,I am in Barcelona and want to test it on the race track but it’s pissing me off cause it’s not working like I want it to,anyone please.

Its because you have cheap shitty mounts from china and you’re also using trucks that around round, get better motor mounts and use loctite.

Or you can try to shave down the truck, but still, get better motor mounts

adding to the list @JLabshttps://buildkitboards.com/products/motor-mount-1

Where can I get truck to fit 2 motor and that type of mount


Bkb has some mounts in sale rn i think they’re for calibers

@ARetardedPillow what would you recommend for truck and mount plz

Caliber trucks

@moon do you have any link to dual truck and mount plz

Dual mounts?

You can get trucks from amazon us and they ship anywhere in the world without worrying about import tax

Can I have for dual motor

Dual 6355 yeah caliber trucks are good

Go with @psychotiller’s trucks w/mounts they are surfrodz rkp 200mm hanger with press fitted dual motor mounts, very good trucks

Edit: here’s a link to his page with the product


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Cheaper than 60 would be BKB all day