Looking for cheap pulleys

I’m looking for a 15mm wide 18T motor pulley and a 15mm wide 36T wheel pulley that fits the abec 11s both with mounting hardware. Anybody know where I can get these for cheap?

@dickyho has some wheel pulleys and possibly motor pulleys of that selection. His prices are good.

I saw him mentioned on another post but I’m looking for 15mm wide pulleys and he only sells his wheel pulleys in 12mm and 17mm

I could print you some for a few bucks more than shipping. Pm me

17mm will defo suit your needs. In fact, likely easier to align. Is your worry room to run duels?

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Alright I’ll probably order from him, although it looks like his motor pulleys don’t come with a keyway slot so I might have to keep looking for that one.

All pulleys are little wider, that leaves room for the belt seat.

U dont necesarily need the keyway slot… The set screw will seat in the groove keeping.it from spinning and second one on the shaft helps keep it secure… Tried tested and approved by me =)

I have two 20t and they’re solid. Waiting for a set of 6mm bore 16t as well. For the price to expedite it to you, its not a bad deal.