Looking for Enclosure / EU / GER

Like the Titel says, i am currently looking for a enclosure out of ABS or similar (Kydex) in the EU or germany. Hence i cant find a good supplier there.

I already made one from Kydex but that does not work so well like i imagined, it is to stiff and without vaccum it isnt really possible.

Please help me providing some informations.


You can get those ac test vacuum pumps used for 20$ if you like to experiment


He is from UK


@stealth71 made a perfect post about thermoforming kydex. I think he could help you out.

yep i saw that video already, sadly, i do not have the tools for doing it like him (or the space).

Eskating has great enclosures

I use the esk8.de one, holds up pretty well.

I had to modd it a bit for waterproofing though.


its sold out, thats the problem haha

damn… :confused: maybe @esk8 can tell if they have any left.

good luck!

I have mine from eskating.eu. They are well made, ABS and seem to be in stock:


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Sorry, we have enough in stock. But i forget taking in the shop. Now was enough in the shop.

Regards Attila

I am also lookig for an enclousure manufacturer in GER/EU for a small production series. Does anyone knows somebody besides of BigBen?

I have some online

I’ve already ordered a battery and few other parts from @e.board_solutions it’s great., shipoing is fast and Frederic is kind and very helpful.


Sounds interesting! @Frederic what kind of custom solutions you can offer for 12S12P enclousures?

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uff that’s big :stuck_out_tongue:

The biggest one I have is this: https://electricboardsolutions.com/collections/enclosures/products/abs-enclosure-50x15x4cm

Yeah, thats way to small :smiley:

How about customizing?

It should fit this with 2 layers

:point_up_2: No flex on this big pack?

There will be flex.